Here’s how to fix iPhone activation errors

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One of the first things you should do when you purchase an iPhone is to activate it. However, sometimes when you try to activate your device, you get an error message saying Cannot Activate your iPhone Now. This means that something went wrong with the processes connecting your iPhone to Apple’s servers. To activate a locked iPhone, you probably need to find the original SIM card for the network you purchased it from. However, there are other ways to fix iPhone activation errors after a software update.

There are a lot of reasons why your device cannot be activated. Here’s what to do to fix iPhone activation errors:

  1. Restart the device: This fix works for a lot of problems on your device. Just hold the Power button till the slider appears, then slide it to switch off the device. Then hold the Power button down again to turn it back on.
  2. Sometimes, the error message on your iPhone could simply be due to a problem with Apple’s servers. Just wait a few minutes and try again. You could remove the SIM card and put it back, then try again.
  3. Check your network/WiFi connection. It could be that you have a poor connection, in which case you can try another network.
  4. Verify if the SIM card is unlocked. If it is not, you cannot unlock the device. In this case, contact the network carrier of the original SIM card and ask them to activate the device.
  5. Restore via iTunes: if nothing else is working, try to restore the device through iTunes. Connect your iPhone to your PC through USB, then launch iTunes. iTunes will detect the device and ask to restore it. Complete the restoration and try activating the device again.
  6. Activate through iTunes: Connect the device to a PC and launch iTunes. When it detects your iPhone, follow the steps to activate it through iTunes.
  7. If nothing else works, take the device to Apple Care for help in activating it.

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