Fixed! SMS Shortcode Issue On My BlackBerry Z30

One of the issues that I faced with my BlackBerry Z30 was a glitch that meant I could not send messages to SMS short codes. Meaning: I could not check my BlackBerry internet data balance or renew data subscription, among other tasks. Glo only offers the service via SMS shortcodes. As such, if I needed to activate or renew a plan or check my balance, I was sunk. The workaround was to put my microSIM in another phone to be able to do that.

Anyway, Chukwudi Udegbunam and I had a brief exchange about the issue earlier today, and then it occurred to me that yesterday’s software update could have resolved the issue. So, I tried sending a message to

Z30 Glo 777

As you can see, the “Send Message” button is no longer greyed out when sending an SMS shortcode. Yes; thank God for software updates!


  1. Nawa oh! How una still cling to blackberry beats me with all these issues. My colleague has a z10 that will not work with a non bb10 subscription including the popular airtel bb subscription that works on all devices.

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