Fleksy Keyboard is free for a limited time. Grab yours now

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To all Android users in the house, most of us know about keyboard apps and how effective they can be. Keyboard maker Fleksy is currently giving out their app for free, till 07/05/2015. Normally it costs $2, but you’re getting it at the price of free.


All you need do is download the trial version from Google Play Store, If you had it before, simply uninstall and re-download . Then proceed to sign-in to the company’s cloud service, and the paid version will be unlocked for free.

Fleksy keyboard offers strong auto-correct functionality and the use of gestures to undo corrections, delete words, and add words to it’s dictionary. It wouldn’t hurt to give it a shot.

Download the free version of Fleksy HERE.

  1. too long a process.. why not jes have an app that acts as a key like loader droid for example

  2. Sorry. there’s a typo in the title. Should be “Fleksy”, not “Flesky”. Not good for your site’s SEO, you know. 😉

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