Flight Delays in Nigeria: Google Assistant to the rescue

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Flight delays in Nigeria are such a common occurence that it is regularly joked about that the delay is part of the service you pay for. A bit of good news is that Google Assistant now predicts those delays. 

How does it work? Google Assistant uses machine learning and airlines’ historic flight data to predict whether a particular flight you have booked will be delayed.

Flight delays in Nigeria with Google Assistant

Local Airlines: Grand Patrons of Flight delays in Nigeria

The problem of delayed flights in Nigeria is peculiar to the local airlines. Depending on your destination, sometimes driving is a faster proposition than flying within the country.

Thanks to Google Assistant, you can now tell upfront with a fairly good rate of success if your flight will be delayed.

Prediction of flight delays has been available on another Google service, Flights. But you can now access the information directly on your smartphone through Google Assistant

What is even better is that Assistant will notify you of any delays before the airline does.

Expect this new feature to roll out to your smartphone any moment from now.

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