How to enable floating keyboard for Gboard

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Google has finally decided to make join the gang of floating keyboard apps. The search giant’s standalone keyboard app, GBoard now has the ability to float on your phone screen, just like Swiftkey and Swype do. Here is how to enable it.

I am a big fan of floating keyboards. It is one of the features that I like about Swiftkey. Besides the ability to move my keyboard around my phone screen being cool, it comes in handy especially when using split screen.

Gboard’s latest app update adds the floating mode to it.

Steps to enable floating keyboard for Gboard

To enable float mode in Gboard, tap on Google icon at the top left of the keyboard, then tap on three dotted menu and select the floating option.

Once enabled, you can resize and drag the keyboard to any location of your screen by tapping and holding it.

This feature started rolling out to Android users from the 19th of October so if you are yet to get yours even after updating, do be patient. It is on the way.

Other new features will be released soon and hopefully we don’t have to wait a long time before we get it. There’s also been no statement on when this functionality will be available to iOS devices.

Gboard is late to the floating keyboard party, but hey! Better late than never!


  1. Thanks for this… After going tru like 3 other keyboard apps, meanwhile it was inside shokoto all along… Tho still looking for always on onscreen keyboard or the setting

  2. Sir, please, do you know of any floating calculator and dictionary apps? I need these two.

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