Flying cars, MTN settles with NCC, other news from last week

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From the major happenings of last week we missed out on, we have news that one of Google’s co-founders is reportedly investing in flying cars. Not exactly though, but something like that. The billionaire has invested hundreds of millions of dollars in two startups working on separate projects that boil down to a flying-man-carrying-drone-like-machine. We hope this turns out well. Lagos traffic here we come!! Source

And we have more.

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After the extended battles, legal tussles and arguments, MTN Nigeria and NCC have finally come to a resolution. The telecom giant has agreed to pay a total cash amount of N330 billion over three years. One installment was paid in February and six more are scheduled to cover the sum by May 2019. Source

Lenovo sampled a bendable phone during their event earlier this week. One YouTuber wrapped the device around her wrist to the amazement of the audience. She also sampled a tablet that bends to form a phablet. Hopefully, we’ll get to see fully commercial versions of this soonest. Source

Lenovo also launched three new devices – Lenovo Phab 2, Phab 2 Plus, and the Phab 2 Pro (Tango-phone). The most notable is the third one. Because it features a new sensing technology called Augmented Reality (AR). This uses the camera lens to measure depth in the room where it is. Crazy tech!! Source

Bluetooth 5.0 is coming soonest, and will feature twice the range and four times the transfer speeds we’re accustomed to. To cap it up, the new Bluetooth feature will have the ability to send info to devices even if they are not paired together. Source

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