It has been years since we saw serious innovation in smartphone form factor. Nokia used to be the leader in that field until thy adopted Windows Phone….

The foldable, dual-screen ZTE Axon M breaks new grounds

It has been years since we saw serious innovation in smartphone form factor. Nokia used to be the leader in that field until thy adopted Windows Phone. But now, ZTE USA is giving it a go with the ZTE Axon M, a foldable, dual-screen smartphone that wants to be a Transformer.


In normal mode, it looks like a regular smartphone, like this:

ZTE Axon M regular


But it can transform into three other modes, as follows:

  1. Dual Mode: In this mode, you can use the two screens to do two different things. For example, browse the web on one while managing a social media account on the other.
  2. Extended Mode: Flip it open to enjoy a bigger screen area for your favourite activity. Perhaps see a movie, play a game or watch your favourite football team being beaten by a team you hate. You get a 6.75-inch display in this mode.
  3. Mirror Mode: Use the two screens to display the same content in two different directions. Sharing is caring. Sit across from your friends and watch the same content on one device. Simply fold the device in Mirror mode and place it on a table for easy viewing from two separate sides.

The Axon M Foldable, Dual-screen In Action

So, in all, you can use the Axon M in four different modes. Have a look at it in different modes:


foldable, dual-screen ZTE Axon M

foldable, dual-screen

ZTE Axon M Specs

The complete details of specifications and price have not been made public yet, but we do know that each display is 5.2 inches in size. The phone runs Android 7 Nougat, is powered by a Snapdragon 821 processor coupled with 4 GB of RAM. It has dual speakers as well, which makes sense.

I love the fact that in normal mode, it is a compact device – great for regular usage. Then when one needs a bigger display, it can be switched to extended mode. An example of eating your cake and having it. Really cool stuff.

We will share more specs as soon as they are available. ZTE has said this much though: the Axon M will be exclusively available at AT&T in the United States, as well as in China, Europe and Japan. It should hit stores next month.

What do you think of this phone? Do you remember the years of Nokia’s shape-shifting smartphones, as well as their odd-shaped phones? Are we about to enter into another period of revolution in form factors or are other manufacturers just going to copy this foldable, dual-screen form?

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