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You probably know about that pesky trend on Twitter. Someone tweets at you, “Follow back”, like it was some birthright to demand. Well, this social media madness has gone off just Twitter and is now taking over websites. Yes; websites. In the last few weeks, I have run into a handful of websites (all of them blogs) that now demand social media followership. Here’s how it works:

When you visit the site, the page you want loads in the background, but an obnoxious pop-up blocks access to it, while displaying a message in this format: “Follow Yada-yada….. Share or wait seconds.” The options to share to Facebook, Google+ and Twitter are displayed on the pop-up. Here’s a screenshot:
Follow me or wait

A number of times, that wait was eternal, and I left the website in frustration. Note that the pop-up doesn’t have a “Close” button. A few times, after an insanely long wait of some minutes, I was able to get rid of the pop-up. Whoever came up with this idea wants to return us back to the days of frustrating experiences on the web.

So, I have to be arm-twisted into following someone because I want to read an article. At least let me read the article first before I can determine whether or not you are heading in a direction that I’d love to go with you. Silly people. As we say here in Pidgin, “To follow no be by force!”

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