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If you are a lover of the big screen, you would be interested in being able to follow movie schedules in theatres across your city at the least. Well, a Nigerian mobile developer has sought to link up movie buffs with information about movie schedules at cinemas across the country with his Windows Phone app, Cinemaz.

Launching the app, the user is presented with the “Showing Now’ screen, which lists movies that are currently available.
Cinemaz - Showing Now

Tapping on a movie of interest launches the Movie Info page, which lets you watch a trailer, read the story line, see viewer ratings, share the info with friends via SMS and email, or write a review of the movie.

Cinemaz - Movie Info

Cinemaz - Write Review

If you swipe right, you are presented with a listing of theatres where the movie is currently showing.

Cinemaz - Showing At

You can click on each listed theatre to view the schedule.

Cinemaz - Movie Schedule

One really lovely feature of the app is the option to add movie schedules to your phone’s calendar, so you get reminded and not miss your much anticipated flicks.

Cinemaz - New Appointment

If you swipe horizontally from the app home, you get a list of movies that are coming soon.

The option to book and pay for tickets is not yet available on Cinemaz, and the closest theatre to me in Lagos, Silverbird Ikeja, isn’t listed yet, but the developer, Akinsware, told me that they are constantly updating and that lots of new features are in the works. I ran into the team lead at the iDEA Incubation Centre launch at Tinapa last week. Cinemaz will also be coming to android and iOS soon.

Cinemaz is a lovely app that meets a real need now and has lovely prospects. If you are into the big screen, live in Nigeria, and own a windows Phone, go download Cinemaz. Highly recommended.

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