Follow our footsteps – ICT/telecoms industry tells Nigerian government

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…They (Govt) have already spent at least $5billion in 12 years and we are still waiting for the gigantic generators. And nobody is answering question on the monumental mismanagement.

The irony of the Nigerian situation is that while they spent 12 years spending $5billion with nothing to show us, our own industry spent the 12 years to bring in $12Billion into the economy and yet they expect us to keep doing it while they sit down to plan how to destroy our investments. We asked them to copy what we have done, they have refused simply because they know we stopped flagrant fraud in our sector and brought telephones to our people. The NITEL that we left for them to take along with us was bled to death, again, through mismanagement”.

– Mr. Titi Omo-Ettu, President ATCON

Culled from CyberschuulNews, Edition No 434

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