The 2010 FIFA World Cup is here, and its the very first time that this prestigous event is holding on the African continent. Nigeria is

Follow the World Cup on your Mobile

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The 2010 FIFA World Cup is here, and its the very first time that this prestigous event is holding on the African continent. Nigeria is a football-loving nation and the continent’s largest mobile market.

As such, I thought it would be both fun and informative to put together a list of available freeware that helps mobile users to follow the FIFA World Cup 2010 in South Africa.

South Africa 2010 World Cup logo

Here’s my quick list:
BlackBerry – Find and Follow SA
find and follow1Stay on top of the latest scores, news, and schedules, as well as making informed choices about the hotel, restaurants, transport and other services during the World Cup.

Download from BlackBerry AppWorld

Maemo & Symbian S60 5th – Pelota Widget
pelota1Pelota is a widget for Nokia N900 and Symbian 5th devices which displays live status of FIFA World Cup South Africa 2010. With this which we can know the current goal scores of match that happening . Every goal that happens, a beep and vibration indicates to you about a goal.

Download to your N900
Download for Symbian S60 v5

iOS – ESPN FIFA World Cup 2010 App for iPhone
iphone world cupThis is a free app which will allow you to select your favorite team from the homescreen list of choices. You will then be kept up to date on all the latest info related to that team, including a live news ticker at the bottom of the screen.

Download from iTunes

Windows Mobile – World Cup 2010 application for Windows Mobile
world cup 2010 windows mobile 11
Access detailed information on all 64 matches which can be browsed by group, date or play off stage. Positions of the 32 teams in each group. 8 Groups details, and Play-offs chart.

Compatible with Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1 touchscreen devices and requires .NET Compact Framework 3.5

Download from the developer’s site
Mobile-friendly Download

Android – 2010 World Cup application on Android
Top Android App 2010 World Cup NewsSee the schedule, Calendar in your local time, reminder, real time matches scores, team statistics, comments and news of 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa on your mobile Phones with 2010 World Cup application on Android.

Download from the Android Market. Package name: com.luke.worldcup2010

Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find any apps for java/J2ME and Symbian S60 v3 users. If you know any, please post in the comments section. The above list is by no means exhaustive either. If you know of other apps that can help Android, BlackBerry, Maemo, iOS, Symbian and Windows Mobile users to stay on top of news and info from the mundial, post away!


  1. God bless you Yomi. I would download the iphone apps from the itunes app store and see how it goes. i could kill for the Fifa world cup. ANd it pains me deeply, that i couldn’t make it this time around!

  2. Please check the link for the windows cab file, tried to download but the link took me to some weird looking page and not a cab file. Thanks

  3. This is great coming from Yomi. From our days at Proudly Nigerian Esato forum I could swear that Yomi is indifferent to football.:D

    There is a problem with the WinMo device download link. Tried with Chrome, Opera and now Firefox still can not download cab file.

  4. You can also follow the world cup on Yahoo’s portal that has been specially created for it. It has live scores, team by team analysis, the day’s news, matches statistics, group tables etc. Visit and bookmark

  5. I am getting the same error clicking on the download link for the WM app. As such, I have now changed the link to point to the developer’s site and added a mobile-friendly download link from, so you can attempt it on your WM device.

    This is great coming from Yomi. From our days at Proudly Nigerian Esato forum I could swear that Yomi is indifferent to football 😀

    I still am indifferent to football, but when it comes to offering services one has to provide what the customers want.

    Nigerians want football 🙂

  6. the download link for symbian s60 v5 led me to a page with some uknown characters and codes.

  7. Ah, great app. Better than what I paid $6 for 4 years ago. Thanks for providing info and link, Yomi.

  8. nothing for symbian v3?

    I heard an advert on radio last wk. Log on to, the first twenty five thousand to register will be getting latest info via sms (free).

    I have registered and i have been receiving some sms even before the start of the world cup.

    For news from the Nigeria angle Bookmark

  9. Snaptu For Java phones . Search and Downlad Snaptu @, if you use nokia e63 use the link below.

    GetJar | Mobile | Snaptu

    Snaptu has some interesting widjets that you’ll find interesting. It has a live score feature that i normally use in monitoring english premier league games, It gets updated few seconds after goals are scored.

    Set up live football score for the world cup world cup by selecting my tornaments, then from menu select add tornaments, then select internationals, then world cup. It is simple to use.

    Try snaptu and you’ll glad you did.

  10. Thanks Yomi
    Football is not a do or die affair for me but i love these info and services.
    I had this problem with .NET CF and its surfacing again here with this app. I have an earlier version on my moto q9c and moto Q but i need v. 3.5 which is about 33Mb in size to run modern apps. I have only 30mb storage in phone and the .NET CF does not overwrite previous one in the ROM on installation. Can anyone help

  11. @brym!

    Thanks a million.

    Am already downloading it. With the explanations on the site, installation shouldn’t be a problem.

  12. Though I am not a football person, this update app thing is fun! I was at my desk banging away at my PC keyboard some minutes ago when my N900 beeped. I checked, and it was the notification that South Africa had scored a goal against Mexico. The goal scorer’s name was listed (not that I know the names of any players or care to).


    This is one good way to avoid the hypertension of watching a high-octane match, yet get up-to-date information about what really matters at the end of the day – goals.

    Note that below the South Africa/Mexico slot is another notification of the other match taking place later today. All notifications are automated. Sweet.

  13. @Yomi. It is sad I wasn’t able to download the iphone apps you recommended from the Apple itunes apps store. When I tried, I was informed that the application is not available in their UK site or UK apps store. It was only available in their US store in which I am not registered.

    TOo bad!

  14. @Afewgoodmen

    Another good reason for you to change over to Nokia N900 or N8. lol

  15. @kay123, thank you for the snaptu link. quite an interesting app…
    Real convenience…

  16. @Deoladoctor. Good suggestion sir. I will surely consider the N8 in my next phone upgrade. But the N900 is a no go for me at the moment. i just hope the body of the N8 would include metallic and reinforced glass parts, And not some cheap plastic. i still love the WOW factor. And the oohs and Ahhhs….

  17. EyeBeeKay and Azeez,

    I’m not sure what’s the issue with your devices, but I have successfully downloaded the Pelota for Symbian widget on both mobile and PC without any issues.

  18. Also relevant is

  19. @EyeBeeKay and Azeez

    I got the same problem when i tried to download the symbian Pelota using opera mini on my motoQ but everything went fine downloading on PC using internet explorer.

    I wish i could get the world cup app for my WinMo non touch regular qwerty phones. Your link is for touch WinMo devices.

  20. @deoladoctor,

    Most WM apps are targetted at touch devices (WM Professional) , so it is often harder to find apps for non-touch WM devices (Windows Mobile Classic/Smartphone). My hands are quite full at the moment, so you’ll just have to keep searching.

    @others who had a problem downloading via mobile: The problem you faced is an example of the superiority of some devices and browsers over others. There is no problem with that S60 download link. Your browsers/devices just couldn’t handle downloading the widget file.

    I’m glad that you found an alternative link that had the download as a ZIP archive which obviously your browsers/devices recognised.

  21. Hi eyebeekay,
    What could be the problem with emoze on my phone. Months back I use to get news (including sports) pushed to my device (e63) via emoze but now it only pushes my mails. The push content and mail accounts are always connected.

  22. @yomi. You are missing a lot by not enjoying the world cup. The Fifa world cup is simply the best thing in the world.

  23. @kay123, although I also use Emoze, I do not bother with the aspect that pushes headline news etc {the font size is to small for me}

    since Emoze’s function is (primarily) to push mails, I suggest you use alternatives – if their own is epileptic.

    in my experience, {MOST}free services do not last long. usually, you can not rely on them for serious activities – unless they have a way to monetize what they do. look at wadja, flurry,etc…

  24. eyebeekay,tanx. I ve downloaded it from a pc. It has been installed on my phone. Am waiting for the England/USA match to commence to see if I will notified of goals scored.

  25. The World Cup will not only dominate our TV screens for the next month, it will also likely to dominate our web surfing, says Hitwise ( The World Cup will Inspire 1 in Every 150 web Searches.

  26. Opera mini now have world cup live score on the start page.

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