Football Star, Cristiano Ronaldo launches his line of headphones with Monster

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Real Madrid Cristiano Ronaldo has just launched a set of headphones in collaboration with audio equipment maker Monster. Not only is he good with his feet on the football pitch, it appears he has his hands on other businesses. Through his own company, ROC Live Life Loud, he co-joined with Monster to release a set of branded headphones.
There are 2 head phones and one earphone in this line of products. The ROC Sport Black Platinum costs $300, while the ROC Sport Freedom goes for $250, then the last one is the ROC Sport SuperSlim costs $170.

“Everything in my life is about performance and quality,” he said.
“We launched ROC Live Life Loud to give my fans around the world direct access to high design and the best sound quality on the market.”

The headsets will be available on eBay before the end of this month.

Meanwhile he disguised as a homeless man to promote the product in the streets, Great stunt!!


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  1. I am dying for getting this headphones and i have two reasons for that first is I am big fan of crystiano ronaldo and other one is i heard the reviews for this headphones and they are quite interesting

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