Ford unveils her first car assembled in Nigeria

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Ford actually has an assembly plant in Nigeria, and recently, the company unveiled her very first car assembled in Nigeria. The new was shared from a tweet through the company’s official Twitter handle:

Congratulations Nigeria! We’ve unveiled the first #FordRanger to come off our new assembly line in Nigeria.

This is good news coming from Nigeria, hopefully, we’ll get to see more brands assembling cars in the country.


  1. Today I came across a pic on Instagram of the President having a look at one of the the first Peugeot cars to come off the assembly line in Nigeria.

    So it seems Ford is not alone in this .

  2. Perhaps we may pull this off after all but to what end, I’m not certain. If we want to achieve to to show that we can assemble cars then bravo! But if we think this will be less expensive than riskily smuggling a car through Cotonou then we’re living a false dream

  3. the cars being smuggled into the country via the ports at Cotonou aren’t new though, no point in comparing prices

  4. Peugeot is sorta different, they used to assemble cars in Nigeria (via Peugeot Automobile Nigeria), if you remember the 504s, 505s, 305s, 605s and 406s of the mid to late 90s (predominantly govt official vehicles) were mostly assembled in Nigeria by PAN somewhere up North (Kaduna IIRC)

  5. Fact is, the assembly plants are back up and running in Nigeria. And that is something to celebrate.

    But this Ford Ranger looks pricey – I wonder about the cost of repairs and maintenance

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