Founder of Mobility Blog Talks Tech Blogging in Nigeria

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It was a delight to have Nigeria’s oldest tech blogger and founder of, Mr Yomi Adegboye, in the studio to discuss the little beginnings of tech blogging in Nigeria.

Yomi, who is an Architect by training, left the drawing board to pursue a career in ICT. After he successfully pulled through web hosting (he founded one of Nigeria’s leading web hosting operations,, which was later sold to Web4Africa), website design and other mobile-related services, he thought it would be nice to share tips, reviews and how-tos with others who may be facing challenges in those areas and looking for solutions and information.

Speaking on the show, he talked about the journey from Architecture to ICT, starting Mobility Arena, phone reviews, about the growth and stages of ICT development in Nigeria, and getting recognized in Nigeria’s technology industry. Aside managing Mobility Arena, he talked about his other blog, House of Mo, as well as about being the Managing Director of CP-Africa and also confessed he sometimes feels like writing other stories like gossips, politics etc.

It was an interesting chat that we had. Do drag a seat, and enjoy the show.


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  1. Kudos Mr Mo, you did a splendid job as usual. However, the video production could use some improvement and the interviewer herself. This is just my humble opinion.

  2. Alright guys, thanks for watching, will keep improving, just a newbie int he corner

  3. Hehehe Mr. Mo – cant laugh abegi.

    Errm.. errm.. just trying to look round to see if another tech blogger is older

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