I have had the Nokia 808 PureView with me for four weeks now. It runs the latest and last version of Nokia’s Belle OS. Before

Four Weeks With Belle OS FP2

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Belle OS

I have had the Nokia 808 PureView with me for four weeks now. It runs the latest and last version of Nokia’s Belle OS. Before this, I had been away from Belle for many months. Using the 808 side-by-side the HTC One X has given me the opportunity to make some observations and draw some conclusions about the OS.

Belle FP2 Is Usable

The latest version of Belle OS is quite usable as a daily driver. Consider that millions of people use its less capable cousin, S40, on a daily basis and have nothing but praise for it, and its no surprise that I find Belle OS usable.

But that is where it ends. Once you pit it against the current iterations of Android and Windows Phone, it begins to look and feel stale. And that shouldn’t be a surprise. It just cannot quite hold its own against Android Jelly Bean, Windows Phone 8, or even the finely skinned version of Android ICS that the HTC One X runs.

We already know that apps for Belle fall behind what obtains on the leading platforms. In terms of inherent capabilities, Belle OS has no problems. It is still in the number of apps and the user interface that it still falls behind. It isn’t just as polished as the competition it is up against. And with feature pack 2 being the last update to Belle, the prospects of any further improvements are nil.

Feature Packed

On the whole, there are features packed into Belle OS that the competition currently lacks or are poorer at. Belle does multi-tasking and app management nicely. If you need those features, Belle OS will work for you nicely. If those features are not absolutely a must, the lure towards competing platforms is irresistible. And inevitable.

Eventually, regardless of what happens, you will make the switch. Belle is a dead platform. All of Nokia’s new technology are going into Windows Phone, and ironically, Android and iOS. Nokia HERE, the new and improved maps service, wont be coming to Belle. WP8 gets it. Android, iOS and even the yet to be born Firefox OS will be supported.

Belle is end of the road. A brick wall.

The Switch

If your Belle smartphone serves you well for now, that’s cool. But you must start looking forward to that switch. Resistance is futile. From this point on, nothing new is coming your way. While new apps are still being developed for the platform, it is not on the scale that makes it promising.

Some developers have walked. My favourite Bible app, Olive Tree, no longer supports Belle. WhatsApp is doing a fine job updating their app, but even that update is no longer through the Nokia Store, but via their own website. You get no update notifications.

Gradually, the Switch will happen and consume the platform. It is just a question of time. Resistance is futile. Whether you will be switching to Lumia, to some other WP8 devices, or to Android, you will switch. As I have. Yes, eventually, you will. Resistance is futile.


  1. “Resistance is futile.”
    that phrase was repeated about thrice up there.

    My reflexive reaction to that was similar to Nike’s imperious advert line of “Just DO it”, and I silently, rebellious tell myself ” I will NOT!”

    Well, not EVERYBODY will switch from Belle. Not everybody even has to, or needs to- switch.

    There are smartphone users who will feel that the legendary ruggedness of Nokia’s smartphones and their rock_solid multitasking OS are good enough virtues;

    After all, BEFORE maize came into existence, cocks and hens were not dying of starvation!

    There was mobile_life before Android, and the rest came vinto existence!

    E ma hale mo Kayode mi!

    I could easily have been one of those that would have stubbornly resisted this wind of change.

    While the app diversity is nothing to gesticulate widely about, there are useable apps in almost any app category you can dream up.

    Besides, are most people in this part of the continent aware of what an OS is, or what mobile apps are all about?

  2. EyeBeeKay,

    Resistance is futile. This is a discontinued platform. It means that sooner or later, sales of new devices will end. The platform will disappear. The switch will happen. By hook or by crook.

    If I want a Palm smartphone today, what are the chances that I will find one to purchase?

  3. Very impassionate and factual. Symbian did a very good job in its time but this is a different time and age.

    I know one very good Nollywood actress that really know how to apply makeups, and she really manage to look quite pretty while the makeup is still fresh, but it only takes sweating or crying, which she does very well and quite often in her movies too, to unmask her not-too-pretty face.

    Wearing a beautiful makeup is entirely different from being naturally beautiful which is what Symbian tried with Belle.

  4. Mr Mo, insisting on the futility of resistance to Belle -IS futile!

    you can still find motor vehicles made a quarter of a century on Nigeria roads.

    how about mobile phones made over a decade ago, like the Nokia 3310? you can still find them to buy.

    I thereby put it across that it is premature to start talking about resistance being futile.

    At a guess, if Nokia stops producing New Belle phones today (and they have not), you will still get it to buy for a long long time to come, whether new or Tokjnboh, at least in this part of the Universe.

    If I was not an app Junkie, (and I had not tasted the Forbidden Android Fruit) believe me, I would go out and buy a Belle device!

    I suspect many people are still in that same, stubborn, iconoclastic shoes!

  5. Mr. Mobility has said it all and I agree with the content and spirit of this post. Symbian and Belle is gone. That history has ended. A new one has started. The Android, iOS, Blacberry, Bada and Wndows phone are what would rule the next decade of mobile. At least for now!

  6. @Eyebeekay I had thought you had upgraded to the current Os. It seem yours is a kernel problem. you are a wonder.
    The resistance of your resisting the futility of the resistance of the deathness of the Belle Os is a resistance in vacuum

  7. eye_bee_kay:

    I find it really amazing that you do not get the point of the article. It is talking about the Operating System. It is referring to the software, and here you are giving examples of hardware. The article clearly states that the platform, not the hardware will disappear. The main point is that support for the OS will sooner or later be gone.

    Of course you can purchase a 3310 these days. The question is will it be brand new? Your logic never seems to surprise me.

  8. This article is spot on! I use a belle phone at the moment and he just said Whats on my mind!

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