Want free 4G internet till 2017? Move to India

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Reliance Jio is still rocking the boat in India (See: Indian mobile operators go to war over mobile data for the bigger picture). The Indian mobile operator has an ongoing three-month offer of free 4G internet service and has just extended it for another three months. The offer is open to both new and existing subscribers.

Free 4G internet? What’s The Catch?

The free data offer gives each user 1 GB per day. Do I hear you smirk? Don’t. Reliance Jio says that over 80% of its subscribers use less than 1 GB of data per day. So, essentially, 80% of Reliance subscribers are getting free internet. Fair game, if you ask me.

The other condition is smirk-worthy though: speed is limited to 128 kbps. That’s not even 3G speed. Why call it a 4G offer if it delivers EDGE speeds? So much for “4G”.

Still, free internet is free internet. So, if you’re a data freebie hunter, you may want to consider applying for a visa to India and relocating for the free 4G LTE EDGE internet on Reliance Jio until March 31, 2017.

You know I’m just kidding about that relocating part; don’t you? *whistles and walks out the room*


  1. First time I feel something that isn’t worth reporting is posted on Mobility Arena. No offence Mr. Mo. You know I am your No 1 fan… I guess I’m just so peeved with the 128kb speed.

  2. Kayode,

    Think about it this way: some people who have heard of the free 4G offer and who had been excited about it will read this article and be informed about how it isn’t 4G speeds. That way, they do not get caught unawares after signing up.

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