These free hotspots in Lagos are too much of a hassle

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Over the years, I have used free WiFi hotspots from Guaranty Trust Bank, at Spurs, at airports, at Walmart, and other outlets in and outside of Nigeria, and most of them were straightforward to use. Find the hotspot, tap to connect, and I am good to go. In recent times, a new generation of free hotspots in Lagos are proving too much of a hassle to use.

City Connect free WiFi requires mobile users to download an app and login to initiate a connection. Red Cheetah free Wifi requires same.

Too Many Hoops

Come on, guys; it is just free Wifi. This approach is not very user friendly. There are too many hoops to jump.

For example, since my trial run of Red Cheetah, I have not used it again. It is just too much trouble. The other, easier type of free Wifi that I have used over the years require no action from my end to connect when I am within range.

I can walk into Spur tomorrow to grab a bite and my smartphone will automatically connect to their hotpsot. Same for Guaranty Trust Bank and others. The connection is initiated and I proceed to use it. It is a very seamless experience.

These hotspot apps also require you to open the app to reconnect if there is a disconnection.

I suspect that these new free hotspots in Lagos will not record significant usage – and then their managers will publish a report that says free hotspots are not viable in Lagos. The problem actually would be that their services are too complicated for the average person.

Ditch The Apps For Free Hotspots in Lagos

Imagine where you have to download an app for each free hotspot service you want to use across the metropolis. Your smartphone would end up clogged up with free Wifi apps.

Nobody needs an app for that. Today, I finally deleted the Red Cheetah app from my phone. I never installed the City Connect app anyway. We know that you want user data, but please ditch the apps and streamline the user experience.

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  1. The idea of downloading a particular app before gaining access to free WiFi makes no sense to me, nothing called free should be free, if they don’t have the power to dish out free WiFi, why are they starting what they can’t finish. Or Maybe they have purpose for doing that.

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