Free Video Messaging on GloMobile

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Extracted SMS sent around by GloMobile:

Glo is at it again… Now you can send and receive a video message for FREE. Experience one of the advantages of 3G on Glo VIDEO MAILBOX. It’s an experience you’ve been waiting for. Simply dial 151 to activate and 154 to send a video message. Call 121 for any assistance.


  1. Glo is at it again? yea right! they messed me up real good on their prepaid internet service(see my other posts) and did so again on this one.

    I got the text this afternoon and dialed 151. The reply? ”the number you dialed is unavailable at the moment, please try again later” aarrggghhhh!

    Am I the only one Glo is messing up? Is it just me? Why the rush to introduce stuff they are NOT READY FOR. I think subscribers need to punish Glo real hard. I dunno if an official protest to NCC of Consumer Protection Council will do any good. This is too much!

  2. I’d rather stick to the mms to email service that i usually use when i’m on a data bundle(on mtn that is).

  3. What is a video message? How is it different from MMS?
    Send and receive FOR FREE? Hmmm, we will get there one day! Is GLO the only provider offering this service (it is always good to have options / backup to ANY service, particularly if it is a critical one. Experience has thought us this!)
    I would think there would be enough public awareness campaign to sensitisize the public to (such ‘elitist’) services so as to be sure people understand what is all about..

  4. my no is 08074524614, I use a sharp GX17 phone, how will i activate it to enjoy the video

  5. Glo thanks but no thanks. I think these guys should concentrate on better tariff reduction and reliability of their service rather than offering a service that cannot take me to Forgive me if I’m sounding ungrateful!

  6. @Archie: No be only u oh! I dialed the second after i got the text and got the same reply.

    Consumer protection is so none existent in this country. The telecom companies keep spamming the nonsense out of our phones while rendering half-baked services as well. Later on when i rant about wanting to leave this country, folks would start shout that I’m unpatroitic.

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