Free Video Messaging with Glo – Strike Two

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Glo announced its free video messaging some months back, but it didn’t quite fly. It looks like they are giving it another try. Here are the contents of an SMS sent out today:

Glo is at it again! Now you can send and receive a video message for FREE.

gloExperience one of the advantages of 3G on Glo Video Mailbox. It is an experience you have been waiting for. Simply dial 151 as a video call to activate and 154 as a video call to send a video message.

Call 121 or 200 for any assistance.

It is essentially the same announcement made backin October, but will it fly this time?


  1. I wonder when they’ll quit churning out quarter-baked products. Tried it and it just doesn’t work cos I keep getting the chant

    “The number you have dialed is unavailable @ the moment”. Aaaargh!

  2. Chukwudi,

    Eya, sorry. I didn’t even sweat it. If a gun had been held to my head, I wouldn’t have tried out the video messaging thing. Got fisappointed on Glo 3G services too many times.

  3. @Dayann: LMAO. Funny enough Glo 3G has been favorable to me with respect to downloading stuff but it messes up when it comes to updating my blog and server so I use Etisalat for that.

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