Here’s a list of free video streaming apps on Android

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Did you know that you can stream your favorite TV shows for free on Android? There are a lot of free video streaming apps available for you to pick from. Check out the following video streaming apps:

  1. CBS: with the CBS app, you can stream as much as you want without verifying your cable subscription. Shows like The Good Wife, Two and a half men, The Big bang Theory, Criminal Minds and so on are available on the app.
  2. The CW Network: If you are a fan of popular DC series Arrow or The Flash, you might find this app useful. It allows you stream these shows for free. You will see some ads, though, but the app runs smoothly.
  3. History: This is the mobile app for The History offers some fun-filled shows like American Pickers, Gangland, Mountain Men, Ice Road Trucker. You can search for shows by topics, too.
  4. Crackle: This app is updated monthly with new TV shows and movies. Currently owned by Sony, it functions better than some TV service ports. Crackle also has some original content which you might find interesting.
  5. Hulu: This app lets you watch premium shows and movies without paying a subscription fee. However, if you want access to the complete Hulu library, you will need to pay $7.99 per month for limited commercials, and $11.99 without commercials. But then, there are loads of amazing shows in the free version.
  6. SPB TV: This Android app offers content from all over the world, from a selection of amazing stations. Note that the app won’t show you the latest Hollywood blockbuster, but you will get some really amazing stuff.
  7. Toonmania: If you are an anime fan, then you will love this app. Toonmania offers a selection of dubbed animes, and the interface is clean and user-friendly. The app is not available on the Play Store, but you can download it from mobi24.
  8. Crunchyroll: Anime fans will love this app too. It offers a great selection of the best anime videos available. The app is available on the Play Store.
  9. FilmOn: FilmOn gives you a variety of movies, which includes horror movies and Kung Fu flicks. But the most impressive part is the sports channels.

These are some of the most popular free streaming apps. We hope that you or someone you know find our list useful. Let us know of any one we might have missed in the comments section.

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