FreedomPop APN Configuration Settings

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If you are travelling to the United States of America for business or pleasure, you will need a means of keeping in touch. There are two options: you can roam your line from your originating country, or you can get a SIM card from a US wireless carrier.

Either option has pros and cons. Roaming is usually the more expensive option, especially if you intend to use a lot of mobile data. To avoid expensive roaming charges, getting a local SIM is the preferred option. FreedomPop is a US wireless Internet and mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) with nationwide coverage. As an MVNO, FreedomPop rides on the back of Sprint’s nationwide network.

APN Configuration Settings for freedompop 4g lte sim

FreedomPop offers bundles that include free voice, SMS and 4G mobile data. FreedomPop runs an internet-based operation, so you can order your SIM from their website. Delivery can take a few days, so do order early or have someone order for you before your arrival.

Once you have your FreedomPop SIM card in your phone and it is activated for the voice and data plan of your choice, you will need APN configuration settings to be able to use the network’s mobile data, and we have them for you.

FreedomPop APN Configuration Settings

Go to your phone’s Mobile Networks menu under the Settings menu and select the option to create a new APN. Then follow these steps:

  • You can give the APN settings any name, but it is logical to name it “FreedomPop”.
  • Under APN, enter:
  • Under NAME enter: FreedomPop.
  • Leave the Password field blank.
  • Leave all other fields blank.
  • Save the APN settings.
  • Now, choose the FredomPop APN for use.

That is it. You can now browse, manage your email, chat and share your travel selfies to your social networks. Enjoy your trip.

PS: You can access the FreedomPop website HERE.



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  2. Despite this freedompop some people will still travel without having a phone numbers for weeks. This is not bad at all. I guess some people at the airport needs information like this.

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