Freetel ICE 2 Hands-on and Photos

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Back in July in Lagos, Nigeria, Google announced that a N13,000 Android smartphone was going to be launched in the country in collaboration with some partners. The anticipation towards the proper launch of the Freetel ICE 2 smartphone has been high, to say the least. The phone has since hit the market in September. We have one with us here at MobilityArena and have our Freetel ICE 2 hands-on article ready. Of course, we have photos of the device for you as well.

Freetel ICE 2 Hands-on - phone pack

Freetel ICE 2 Hands-on

The Freetel ICE 2 is all plastic and fits into the hand easily. It has a smallish 4-inch display, after all. The back cover is removable and so is the battery.

It has been a while since we reviewed a 4-inch smartphone, if you leave out the 2.4-inch Ntel N1 Nova which we reviewed in August. We got by using the tiny display of the Nova, and so far, we are doing fine with the ICE 2’s display as well. The display is plastic and looks like it will scratch easily. But then at this price range, it is unrealistic to expect a better quality display.

There are a few bloatware pre-installed on the phone. They include the following apps: Music+, MyMTN, tdAfrica, and Worldreader. The first two apps are by MTN. Thankfully, all of these pre-installed apps can be uninstalled. Guess what we did? You got it.

All the regular set of apps from Google are here. Nothing is missing. Android OS on the ICE 2 appears to be pure, which is great for low-end Android smartphones. An extra user interface on top of Android would impact performance of the device.

Freetel ICE 2 Photos

We have a few photos of this small smartphone for you to see.
Freetel ICE 2 Hands-on - homescreen on

Freetel ICE 2 bottom of screen

Freetel ICE 2 Hands-on - rear

Freetel ICE 2 isn’t eye candy in any way, but we weren’t expecting it to be; were we? But it isn’t ugly either. It looks like a good balance for a smartphone at this price point.

Freetel ICE 2 Hands-on Conclusions

The ICE 2 is an intriguing device. So far, so good, it has given us good first impressions. In our next article in the Freetel ICE 2 review series, we will be looking at its performance in day-to-day tasks, as well as the results it scores in our usual benchmark tests. After that, we will deliver our full phone review.

If you haven’t seen it, be sure to have a look at the Freetel ICE 2 specifications sheet. Don’t be a stranger. Right here on MobilityArena is where all the mobile phone action happens.

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  1. N13,000 for a phone like this is not bad at all, At least it can be use as a backup device. I just hope the price won’t go higher anytime soon

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