The French terror alert app, SAIP, is brilliant

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At least, the concept of the app is brilliant. France has developed a terror alert app ahead of the Euro 2016 football tournament The app is named SAIP, an acronym for Population Alert and Information System. The French government revealed that the app was developed after November 2015’s terrorist attacks in Paris.

SAIP terror alert app

How does the terror alert app work?

Using geo-location, the terror alert app will alert users in the vicinity of a suspected or confirmed terror attack or other disaster. Think of it. Instant alert for as many people as have it installed, so they can get out of the vicinity. No phone calls to pick. Imagine how many people telephone calls would have to be made to otherwise. Yes; SMS would also be a good medium to do this, especially if people are in an area without internet access.

African countries can use this model, but perhaps with the SMS option. Geo-locate people in potential disaster areas and warn them immediately via SMS.

Are you in France for the Euro 2016 tourney? Download SAIP for Android or SAIP for iOS.

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  1. There is actually nothing innovative here. You have several personal security apps that work along that line both in Android and iOS.

    You may want to check out EmergenSee , as an example..

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