Hello People! Trust you all are having a great week. I promised to be more frequent here on Mobility Arena. I am not so much

My frequently used Android apps – @Lammyng

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Hello People! Trust you all are having a great week. I promised to be more frequent here on Mobility Arena. I am not so much of a fan of new year resolutions but I think this one resolution is working right.

I am here to tell you about my frequently used Android apps. I’m an Android Fan Girl and don’t think I will stop being one in a long while because the OS helps me plan and balance my work life. So, sit back, relax and check out my frequently used Android apps in no particular order.

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1. Evernote
Evernote is designed for note taking and archiving. This app has got to be the best app in the world. I jot my meeting notes, Ideas, to do lists, reminders etc on it. The selling point for is the fact that it has a desktop version so it makes it very easy to sync my notes, pictures, documents etc across my devices regardless of the Operating System or manufacturer. This apps keeps me going and above all, brings out the effectiveness in me. You should give it a try

2. GTBank Mobile Banking
There is nothing as convenient as being able to make your banking transaction from the comfort of your hands, the fact that I can’t also stand bank queues from the point of entry to the counter also contributes to my love for the app. It also helps me keep tab to happening in my bank account (including unauthorized deductions)

3. Calendar
My Calendar app is my virtual Personal Assistant. In this day and age where attention span is so low, one has to be smart enough to make use of apps for reminders. I populate my calendar with activities, events and to do lists scribbled down on the Evernote, so I can be easily reminded of events/activities ahead of time. See!! This app helps me organize my life (Not just my work), It accounts for 80% of my productiveness.

Note that it takes discipline to populate your calendar.

4. Twitter
if I had written this article 3 years ago, Twitter would have been my number one Android app. The twitter app keeps me up to date with news on tech, mobile, current affairs, politics etc. The Nigerian Twitter sphere is not one that should be taken for granted. It’s an interesting place. Would you believe if I told you that I got my current job by just reading a tweet from someone who posted about the opening? Twitter for me is a marketplace. Your marketing strategy is what will separate you from the crowd.

5. Instagram
My new love for selfies and pictures inspired my embracing the Instagram app. I always look forward to taking shots and uploading them to Instagram. There is the joy that comes with looking good, knowing that Instagram is there to help amplify it all…lol (I didn’t just say this, did I?)

Let me quickly warn you: if you a not a data (internet) junkie like myself, don’t frequent Instagram oo! The fear of Instagram is the beginning of “data wisdom”.

6. OliveTree Bible
As the church girl that I am, the OliveTree bible app helps me with the study of God’s word. No more excuses or reasons why I shouldn’t study. I also don’t have to carry a physical bible to church anymore 🙂

7. Google Chrome
Just like the calendar and Evernote apps, Google chrome syncs my browser history and information across my devices thanks to the Google all-in-one account. I don’t need to have access to my PC to get browsing history or bookmarks. You see, this app makes Opera mini look and feel like punishment (no jokes).

8. YahooMail
The only reason why I use this app is because my Yahoo mail is my primary email (This is going to change to Gmail soon). The app lets me keep tab of my mails on the go. Let me also add that I love the user interface of this app

9. Gmail
Like I said earlier, Gmail is becoming my primary email client, so I’m trying too get used to using Gmail to send out emails. The app isn’t so cool for me though. Let’s see what Inbox app by Google has got to offer.

10. BBM
Okay; we all know that BBM is a mobile messaging app right? I use this app often because it aids interaction with close friends. I had to seriously prune my BBM contacts of regular BC senders and ‘PINGERS’

These are my frequently used Android apps, do you mind sharing your frequently used apps with us? or Are your frequently used apps similar to mine? Let’s hear from you.

  1. I am not so much of a fan of new year resolutions but I think this one resolution is working right.

    Thought someone resolved , this year, to not get another gadget? **tongue**

    That makes two public resolutions!

    Anyway, my favorite apps, in no particular order…

    Opera Mini/ UcWeb.
    Lucky Patcher
    BlackMart / Aptoide
    SD Maid
    Show Box
    SideBar Plus
    Fx File Explorer

    I wouldn’t known what to do withOUT ANY of these.!

  2. In no particular order….

    Writer apk
    RSS reader
    Google chrome
    PPSSPP emulator
    Clean master
    App lock
    FB Messenger
    Google Adsense Dashboard
    Google Analytics.

    Basically. All apps on my phone are my favourite. I use all of them for different purposes

  3. My frequently used apps:

    I look at the other apps and I wonder how I downloaded over 90 apps that I almost never use.

  4. IM: WhatsApp, BBM
    SNS: Twitter, Instagram
    Google Suite: GMail, Chrome, Keep, Hangouts, Maps
    Media: MX Player, PowerAmp Pro, Moon Reader
    Games: QuizUp
    Banking: GTBank Mobile, Diamond Mobile
    FTP: Xender, ShareIt

  5. Opera Mini, WhatsApp, BBM, QuizUp, Buffer, Whisper, Bible, Twitter, Monopoly Millionaire, Instagram.

  6. Lol @ IBK, thanks for keeping tab of my resolutions. I am actually serious about them and Thank God you are here to bear me wthness ..abi not?

    People still use opera mini?

  7. Thanks for sharing your apps Kelz, you have about 13 frequently used apps? Wow. Didn’t know there’s Google Analytics app for Android?

    just getting to know this

  8. Thanks for sharing your frequently used apps, sometimes we just download apps we are not in need of just because our friends use or recommend them

  9. For me; WhatsApp, Opera Mini, Instagram, Clipper+ and OneNote

    On my old BlackBerry: BBM, Opera Mini, email, Facebook, Ubersocial, UC Browser

  10. @Lammy, Do you have evernote premium. I needed an app to sync notes between my ipad, mac and bb10 phone and I was considering evernote because of its deep integration into the bb10 ecosystem. I however read that it lacked “offline” notes except you pay the premium price, and so I went with onenote.

    Do you have the premium version of evernote? If you have the normal version, do you find the lack of offline notes to be a disadvantage?

  11. Hi @Matemba, I’m able to use the evernotes offline across all my devoces (Phone, tab and PC). I also use the free version which has so many features. When I write a note/notes when I’m offline, it automatically syncs when I connect to the internet without iaauea.

    I think you should try it out, it’s a very convenient app to use. I haven’t seen any disadvantages since I have been using since 2013.

    I haven’t tried onenote and don’t know how it works but EVERNOTE has got to be the best note app and they just keep getting better everyday

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