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It is no longer news that the official Facebook app is a battery, data, and RAM drainer. Personally I prefer to use Facebook Lite. On the other hand, there are 3rd party Facebook clients you can try. Friendly for Facebook is one of such. The app combines Facebook and Messenger. It was built as an extension of the light Facebook mobile website. Lets look at what makes the app so special:

Friendly for Facebook


Friendly App Features

  • The user interface here is clean and very easy to use. Right from the get go, a mini settings page is presented to you. From there you can pick up or drop whatever features you want.
  • After logging in, your Facebook Feed appears with four tabs: Home >> Messages >> Notifications >> Menu
  • This app lets you filter keywords you don’t want appearing on your news feed. You can also select words you want to show on your timeline. Go to Settings (the 3-dot-menu on the top right hand side) and select “Highlight” or “Hide” Posts by Keyword.Friendly for Facebook

Friendly for Facebook offers the ability to block ads. You can add more Facebook accounts and switch between them as you please. The app also allows you to set password or fingerprint locks. It also has a favorite feature of mine – Dark Mode!! 😎

The app has many other theme options built in. I might eventually have to retire Facebook Lite for this app. You can download Friendly for Facebook HERE.


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