From Raw Features to Great User Experience: the Consumers Vote

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Many years back, it was enough for consumers that a phone could do everything including clean the kitchen sink. But somewhere along the line, something changed.

arena-multimediaWhat changed was that the consumers began to appreciate the value of a polished and user-friendly interface above raw power and features. And they’ve been voting with their money ever since.

Gone were the days when phones simply sold based on what they could do. Now, it seems the paradigm shift has occurred, and consumers are saying, “It is not so much about what the phone can do, but how enjoyable it is to use the phone”.

In case you still doubt this, the iPhone could do much less than most phones in its bracket could do. For crying out loud, it was missing several features that millions of phone users had taken for granted year in, year out. Why would anyone want to purchase such a phone?

Surprise! The iPhone has sold at an incredible rate! Why? While it lacked several standard features, the user experience on the iPhone is currently second to none, and consumers are voting – with their money.

Never mind that this “crippled” device costs twice as much as many other phones that out-gun it in terms of raw features and capabilities.

The same story is repeating itself to different degrees with Android, TouchWiz (Samsung), and TouchFLO 3D (HTC), and lately S-Class (LG) user interfaces.

Ladies and gentlemen, there is a user interface and user experience revolution going on. Geeks can argue specifications from daybreak till sundown, but the mass market is clamouring for great user experiences for their money.

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