In the past 18-24 months, I’ve become a heavy user of Twitter. When I get a new smart device, a good Twitter app is one

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In the past 18-24 months, I’ve become a heavy user of Twitter. When I get a new smart device, a good Twitter app is one of the first apps I look for. Here is a list of twitter apps that I’ve used on different mobile and desktop operating systems. I am not including the official/default twitter app for the platforms.


1. Gravity (bought) – I haven’t used it since July 2010, but it has to be among my top 2 of all time. It was really awesome to use, and I really wish @janole would release a version for Windows Phone 8 or Android. The multi-functionality of this app is just amazing!

2. Tweetian (free) – I used it in the early stages, and don’t remember what my experience was.

3. Socially (free) – I think it was a bit slow.

4. Nokia Social (free) – One of the worst Twitter apps I’ve ever used!


1. UberSocial (free) – My preferred app on blackberry. It’s only cons are that it doesn’t support streaming, and the notifications of mentions/DMs are not instantaneous.

2. Social Scope (free) – For months, I asked for an invitation. When I finally got one and registered, I didn’t like the app. I stopped using it after a few days.


1. Falcon Pro (paid) – Currently the best Twitter app I am using. I’d rather tweet using Falcon Pro on my tablet, than on any other app/device. It’s that awesome. Also, the developer keeps updating it and adding new features every week or two. +1000
Falcon Pro

2. Tweet Lanes (free) – Another nice app. It was my preferred choice before Falcon Pro came along.

3. Carbon (free) – I barely remember it.

4. Tweetcaster (free) – the first Twitter app that I ever used on android. It was ok, but all those ads were annoying.

5. Boid (beta) – It was recommended by @bigbrovar. It had a nice, sleek look, but its functionality at the time was subpar to my needs.

6. Friendcaster (free) – I barely remember it

7. Plume (free) – It was okay, but Falcon Pro had already taken my heart 🙂

8. Seesmic (free) – It had some issues. It would RT the wrong tweets and send replies to wrong accounts [Just imagine if you were P-setting with this app. – Editor].

9. Slices (free) – Recommended by @emmagine, but I didn’t like the design much.

MeeGo (N9)

1. TwimGo (free) – All I remember about TwimGo is the name.

2. Qneptunea – This app is one of the reasons why I still use my N9. It’s a joy to use. The streaming is so sleek, and the UI and design are lovely. It’s rated up there with Falcon Pro and Gravity.

3. Tweetian (free) – I installed it a month ago, and it’s quite nice. It has really improved since the last time I tried it. My current gripe with it is the font size can’t be reduced to my satisfaction, hence 3-4 tweets fill up the screen.
Tweetian for MeeGo


Twitter apps were rare on this nice OS that was killed by the owners (HP). I’m not even sure if there was an official Twitter app. 🙁

1. Spaz HD (beta) – I remember this was a nice app that I enjoyed, but some functionality was missing. It was still in beta when I stopped using WebOS.

Windows Phone 8

With the Nokia Lumia 920, I have gone through several apps in just 5 months.

1. Twabbit (paid) – My primary Twitter app on WP8. The design just suits me. I wish there was an option to reduce the font size though.
Twabbit for wp8

2. Mehdoh (paid) – Another nice app. I use it to manage other Twitter accounts. It is also a client for Instagram.

3. Rowi (paid) – I don’t remember why I deleted this app.

4. Tweet It! (trial) – A new app that was recommended by It’s okay, but not enough to pull me from Twabbit and Mehdoh

5. Cowlick! – All I remember about this app is the weird name. LOL

6. glk! – Unique design. With lovely backgrounds that change automatically. But I rarely use it.

7. Peregine (free) – The first Twitter app I installed. It was my main app for over a month, while I tried out other apps. Uninstalled it after I bought Twabbit.

8. MeTweets – I barely remember this app.

Windows 7/8 (Desktop)

1. Hootsuite – On my laptop, I prefer to use Hootsuite. It runs in a web browser. I like it because it supports multiple social networks (Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Google+, WordPress, etc). It also supports multiple tabs, and several columns in each tab. With Hootsuite, I can view my TL, mentions, DMs, and my tweets all at the same time. +1000

2. Tweetdeck – I installed it on my laptop and gave it a try but it didn’t last long. I preferred the web-based Hootsuite.

So there you have it. 29 twitter clients across 7 mobile and computer operating systems. How many Twitter apps have you used? Which Twitter apps do you currently use? What are the top 3 Twitter apps in your experience?


  1. Didn’t see any mention of iOS twitter apps including twitter for iOS, tweetbot and twitterific. Tweetbot is hands down, the best twitter app I have ever used. Twitterific is terrific to use and twitter for iOS works flawlessly

  2. I taught the hoot suit is meant for social media? How come i cant view my facebook friends list? Men this hoot suit is complicated.

  3. My best Twitter app ever has to be Gravity!, it worked better than any other twitter ap I have ever used. On Android am currently using the official Twitter app, its the only app that understands that I don’t want to read the last 200 tweets on my timeline. I also like plume but until the support push notification I would stick with twitter for android. And I think I have tried just about every twitter app available on the play store

  4. Falcon Pro is unrivaled on the android platform (thanks JesseOguns for the intro). Been a fan tywdroid pro like forever owing to the inbuilt browser, except it won’t work on Jelly bean. Falcon pro to the rescue.

    Socialscope on legacy blackberry gets my top spot anyday!!!

  5. OMG!!!!!! Just remembering gravity on my nokia 5800, makes me want to cry ……. That was/ is the best twitter app in the world ….. Shii made me love twitter.
    Haba, how would any1 have issues with tweetdeck, its close to perfection.

  6. I use Tweetcaster Pro (paid). Unlike the free version, there are no ads. In my opinion, that is the best Twitter client for Android hands-down

  7. Not bad. UberSocial is the best Twitter client for blackberry devices. On desktop, i prefer Tweetdeck and the regular web interface of Twitter.

  8. As much as I like Ubersocial on Blackberry, I prefer Tweetcaster but it’s such such a battery hog! Tried Social but uninstalled, Ubersocial wins hands down.

    On Android it’s a toss up between Falcon Pro and Echofon. I like the latter for its push notifications, something Falcon Pro isn’t great at without guzzling your battery.

    On Windows Phone Rowi is my main Twitter app. Cowlick and Gleek are from the same stable, my problem with them is that they would lose my place in the timeline. Tweet It! is nice but temperamental, MeTweets has the same timeline problem as Gleek and Cowlick, and Peregrine didn’t do it for me.

    On iOS I have Tweetbot and Janetter, which is also available on Android. Maybe I’ve been spoilt, Tweetbot is okay but not as good (in my opinion) as Janetter – unless you’re a power user I suppose. I love Janetter but, as with the Android version, the paid version is too expensive. I’ve used Echofon as well, much more prefer the iOS version than the cut down, Android offering.

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