You will remember that I was recently on a sponsored trip to cover the launch of the iDEA Incubation Centre at Tinapa, Calabar in Cross

From Tinapa with love! A tale of 3 mobiles & pounded yam

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You will remember that I was recently on a sponsored trip to cover the launch of the iDEA Incubation Centre at Tinapa, Calabar in Cross Rivers State. I remember that I published a list of gadgets that I packed for the trip. On that list were three mobiles, Nokia Asha 501, TECNO Phantom A, and Nokia Lumia 920, alongside my Acer Aspire One netbook. What I have not divulged since then was the fact that at the last minute, I decided to leave the Acer netbook at home and cover the event with only mobile phones at my disposal. If Mister Mobility couldn’t pull off such a task as simple as that, waraheck!

Anyway, off to Tinapa I went. First thing I need to say: when you are out and about, and moving constantly, a netbook is the last thing you want to be carrying. I was immediately glad that I left the netbook at home. It was bad enough carrying around three phones, with two of them being especially huge guys. A netbook? Pain!

Also, the benefits of the size and long battery life of the Asha 501 shone brightly. That dingy little phone was as unobstructive as air. It fit into any jeans pocket without any bulge or discomfort to me. Meanwhile, the other two guys became a pain in the *insert favourite expletive here* after a while. Yes; they got their tasks done, but there were times I really felt like I could do with less baggage.

In the spirit of ideal smartphones, I have been wondering if anyone can put an 8 megapixel camera with xenon flash in a phone the size of Nokia Asha 501 and have it run Windows Phone 8. I would love the battery life retained. Give me such a phone and I am sold! A fan for life.

Anyway, I had fun covering the event. All photographs (official and unofficial) were taken with the Lumia 920, image editing was done on the 920 as well, and blog posts were written and published on the TECNO Phantom A because the WordPress app for Android is miles better than the Windows Phone version. Social media updates were done on both big smartphones, and sometimes on the 501 too. The beautiful thing is that I covered the event with nothing but mobile phones. Hurrah for mobile! If the Windows Phone WordPress app had been superb, I would have needed only the Lumia 920. If the camera on the TECNO Phantom A had been stellar, I could have done everything with the TECNO. And if the Asha had been equipped as my ideal phone…..


Anyway, ideal phone or not, I still love that dingy little thing. Besides work, work, work at Tinapa, one of the highpoints of the event for me was when my meal of pounded yam, egusi soup and chapman arrived in my hotel room. No; you can’t fault that. There is no law against that kind of enjoyment.

  1. It is remarkable Mr Mo did not mention excessive ingesting of the famed Calabar culinary Afang, Edika Ikong

    And yes, I absolutely hate carrying things (mobiles inclusive) around..but then ..the mobile convergence talk looks tough to achieve.

    Would a Samsung Galaxy Mega`s 6.2 inch screen be appropriate for reading PDFs? Would it not be a spectacle to lift to the head to make/receive calls?

    Ever since finally grabbing hold of a Tablet, determining if I can do all my computing work.. on a Tablet.. has been looking progressively feasible.

    With my OS of choice (Android) also being able to print directly to suitable printers, my last reservation about selling off my underutilized netbook is almost totally dissipated.

    We really have technology to thank. Deliberately staying off mobiles and the internet one weekend showed me just how much our lives have come to revolve around the mobiles.

  2. EyeBeeKay,

    It is remarkable Mr Mo did not mention excessive ingesting of the famed Calabar culinary Afang, Edika Ikong

    Trust me, I was offered all of that and more, but while Mister Mo is adventurous, his digestive system is not very agreeable to culinary adventures….

  3. After Mr. Mo reviewed the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, he declared that if there’s any phone that came close to being a perfect mobile device, then that would be the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, but he still said later that his only complaint about the Note 2 is the size. The truth is that there will never be a perfect mobile device. Ok, there may be one someday but it won’t last long before other phones come up with better features that will make us look forward to having same feature in our perfect mobile device.

    Yeah, that’s the spirit. There will always be a better phone coming after the very present best and it would even be very difficult to have a single phone that will excel in all the departments. People at Nokia for instance know they are competing with an OS that people do not generally care about and do they have to make their camera outstanding as their selling point in all their devices running Windows Phone and wouldn’t want that unique crown taken from them by the other manufacturers using the more acceptable operating systems in Android and iOS

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