From Venice to PRIV: An update on BlackBerry’s Android-based smartphone

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We have heard rumours and seen videos of “Venice”, the Android-based slider smartphone that BlackBerry is working on. Now we have information from Evleaks about what name it will be officially called.

Blackberry Slider


PRIV? I don’t know. What sort of name is that? I mean, after a nice name like “Passport”, why not give us something like “Visa”? PRIV? You guys tell me what you think.


  1. With a name like Priv,hope Blackberry will not in their true style prize it out of existence,like most of the Blackberry 10 variants..

  2. Well, I was trying to get clarification to avoid miscommunication.

    For some reason, I feel I’m going to be holding on to my passport for a long time 🙁

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