Gadgets everywhere; but no power to charge them

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A few weeks back, I was eagerly awaiting the arrival of my new bouncing baby boy. He is about a year old though, but yet makes me proud. A friend in the U.K. helped adopt him. He is over two weeks old with me now and hasn’t been lucky enough to be fully charged up to 100% for more than once. Don’t ponder too much – it’s an HTC One (M7).

On arrival, he was on full charge with the KitKat update already done! He takes about 2 hours plus to be charged to 100% from flat battery. Nna, men for how long am I going to have to suffer from the hands of these power generation abi na distribution people? Yes; we haven’t experienced two hours of power supply at a stretch in weeks.

I have come to realize that most gadgets are now manufactured on rechargeable basis – rechargeable lamp, rechargeable fan, rechargeable radio, rechargeable bulb, power bank, inverter, etcetera. But where is even the power to recharge them?

I waited so impatiently for his arrival, but here he is now and I can’t play with him the way I want. Do I have to buy a generator because of my new baby? *scratching my head*


  1. It comes to you pocket now. How long can you maintain the Gen? Some powerbank take up to 8 to 10 hours to get fully charged.

  2. Owning and budgeting for a generator should run side by side with house maintenance budgets like gas bills and grocery shopping

  3. // You live in Naija but you don’t own a gen?

    Where is the fuel to power the generator.? Is fuel availability always guaranteed?

    Nigeria is a paradox. Sunshine everywhere, Institutes of science and Technology, and nobody is doing anything about abundant solar energy, freely given, wasting away daily . Smh.

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