If you own one or were planning to own one, you must be aware of the issue plaguing the Samsung galaxy Note 7 and its

Here are four Galaxy Note 7 alternatives

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If you own one or were planning to own one, you must be aware of the issue plaguing the Samsung galaxy Note 7 and its withdrawal. If you haven’t returned your unit yet, you should to avoid an explosive incidence. You will certainly be looking for an alternative. We have drawn up a short list of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 alternatives just for you.

Galaxy Note 7 Alternatives

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Alternatives

  1. Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge: This is the most logical alternative to the Galaxy Note 7. Why? It is a twin of the Note 7. Honestly. Almost exactly same display, size, processor, battery and more. And it is available in pink and gold plated versions.
  2. OnePlus 3: If you are interested in something that costs less, give the OnePlus 3 a try. It is one of the top smartphones of 2016. As a matter of fact, AnTuTu proclaimed it the most powerful phone in 2016.
  3. Xiaomi Mi Note 2: Another Galaxy Note 7 alternative is the Xiaomi Mi Note 2. As a matter of fact, that is what it is called – the Galaxy Note 7 alternative. Same screen size. Same processor and bigger battery. Plus, it costs much less.
  4. UMi Max: Last on our list is the UMi Max. UMi may not be a well known brand, but they make some really well designed and well crafted smartphones. The Umi Max has almost the same screen size as the Note 7. It also has an Aluminum Unibody, bigger battery. Plus, it is the least expensive of the Galaxy Note 7 alternatives listed here. We bet that it is the least expensive of all Galaxy Note 7 alternatives.

All the above smartphones are 4G LTE devices. You will have to check for compatibility with your 4G service provider though.

As you can see, we have compiled a list with something for everybody. Even if you were not interested in the Galaxy Note 7 but would like to own a less expensive smartphone with similar features, we have you covered.

Apple iPhone 7 Plus?

Note that the iPhone 7 Plus is not on our list? Let’s be sincere: if you were interested in the Note 7, chances are that you are not into Apple products (iOS, iPhone). You want Android. We have seen some of those reports that state that many former Galaxy Note 7 owners are switching to the iPhone. We don’t believe them. Sue us. People dropping the Note 7 are more likely going to consider another Android smartphone. Still, if you are one of the few who want the iPhone 7 Plus, why not? Go splurge one. It is a good smartphone.

Your Call

So, you’ve seen our list of Galaxy Note 7 alternatives. Which of the above would be your choice if you had to pick?


  1. The USP of the Samsung Galaxy Note series being the stylus, are any of these really a true substitute with no stylus?

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