How a Galaxy Note 7 prank threatened a commercial flight

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One passenger aboard a Virgin America commercial flight played a Galaxy Note 7 prank that almost resulted in the flight being diverted. He included “Samsung Galaxy Note 7” in the name of his device’s WiFi hotspot. The prank almost resulted in the flight being cut short and diverted to the nearest airport.

Following incidences of the Galaxy Note 7 catching fire, the Department of Transportation issued a ban of the Galaxy Note 7 on board all U.S. aircraft. Samsung has also recalled and cancelled the device. There are a number of Galaxy Note 7 users who have refused to return their devices though.

virgin america Galaxy Note 7 prank

On this particular f,light, it was the cabin crew that discovered the hotspot and assumed that a unit of the Note 7 was aboard. After several unsuccessful pleas for the owner of the device to own up, the crew threatened to search everyone’s effects till the phone was found. But even that threat yielded no confession. Eventually, the pilot threatened to divert the flight and land the plane.

It was only then that the culprit owned up. It turned out that the device was not a Note 7. The name of the device wasn’t mentioned though.

If you fly, do not play this sort of prank. It is certainly a bad idea to throw everyone into a panic of this sort.

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