Mister Mobility has a rich history with Nokia phones. In this article, he goes down memory lane and writes about the 40 different Nokia models he has owned.

Gallery: The 40 Nokia phones of Mister Mobility

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As part of my tribute to Nokia, I thought I’d do a post listing all the Nokia phones that I have ever owned. Incidentally, Nokia was not my first mobile phone. That honour belonged to Motorola. But from the moment that I set my eyes on the Nokia 3310 and the 9210 Communicator, I fell in love with the brand that invented the smartphone.

Why A Tribute To Nokia?

Nokia was legendary. Here are a few things you should know:

1. Nokia invented the smartphone with the 9000 Communicator 1996
2. Nokia invented the smartphone app store
3. Nokia made tablets before it was cool to do so
4. Nokia made the first phone with email and internet browsing (Nokia 9000 in 1996)
5. Nokia made touchscreen smartphones before it became cool to do so
6. Nokia put the first camera in a smartphone, the Nokia 7650
7. The Nokia 7110 slider was the first phone with a WAP browser in 1999

Basically everything we take for granted today in the mobile world is built on Nokia’s pioneering efforts.

Most of the Nokia phones on my list are smartphones running one of the following platforms:

1. Symbian OS,
2. Maemo OS,
3. MeeGo OS,
4. Windows Phone OS and
5. Nokia X platform

Anyway, here is my list of 26 Nokias (I have since updated this list with more phones since when I published it originally, and the tally of Nokia phones I have owned is currently at 40:

  • Nokia 3310
  • Nokia 3410 (March 2003)
  • Nokia 9210 communicator
  • Nokia 6610
  • Nokia 3610
  • Nokia 9500 communicator (April 2005)
  • Nokia 7250
  • Nokia 2285 – CDMA
  • Nokia E61 smartphone (August 2006)
  • Nokia E61i smartphone (July 2007)
  • Nokia E90 communicator (October 2008)
  • Nokia E75 (June 2009)
  • Nokia N900 (April 2010)
  • Nokia E5 (August 2010)
  • Nokia N8 (November 2010)
  • Nokia E7 (March 2011)
  • Nokia N9 16GB (October 2011)
  • Nokia 701 (December 2011)
  • Nokia Asha 302 (April 2012)
  • Nokia 808 PureView (October 2012)
  • Nokia Lumia 610 (November 2012)
  • Nokia Lumia 920 (June 2013)
  • Nokia Lumia 720 (July 2013)
  • Nokia Asha 501 (July 2013)
  • Nokia Lumia 1520 (February 2014)
  • Nokia X (March 2014)
  • Nokia XL
  • Nokia Lumia 630 (August 2014)
  • Nokia Lumia 930 (August 2014)
  • Microsoft Lumia 535 Dual SIM (January 2015)
  • Nokia Lumia 830 Gold (July 2015)
  • Microsoft Lumia 950 (February 2016)
  • Nokia 7 Plus (April 2018)
  • Nokia 8110 4G (May 2018)
  • Nokia 3.1 Plus (February 2019)
  • Nokia 3.2 (July 2019)
  • Nokia 2.2 (July 2019)
  • Nokia 6.1 (October 2019)
  • Nokia 6.2 (October 2019)

Yes; I know that Microsoft Lumia phones were not Nokia by brand name, but we all know they were essentially Nokia devices manufactured by Microsoft. Which is why I have included them in this list.

My Gallery Of Nokia Phones

Sadly, I do not have a photograph of all my Nokia phones, but I do have some really nostalgic ones. Enjoy!

My Nokia E61 behind a friend’s E71:

My Nokia E90 and 9500 communicators:
Nokia E90 (left) beside its predecessor, the Nokia 9500

My Nokia N900, running Maemo OS:

My Nokia E7 and N8 (the E7 was a sleek smartphone):

My Nokia 808 PureView, the 41 megapixel camera beast:
Nokia 808 PureView

My Nokia N9 (MeeGo OS):
Nokia N9

The Lumia 610 was my first ever Windows Phone smartphone, and I so hated its limitations. Thankfully, Windows Phone is much, much more better now. Here it is pictured side-by-side with the Sony Xperia P:

My Nokia X:
Nokia X

“Big Red”, my Lumia 1520:
Mister Mo Lumia 1520 red

That’s it! Of all the phones listed here, I still have the Lumia 950, Nokia 8110 4G, and Nokia 6.2 with me. Which Nokia phones have you owned, and which of the already announced models are you still eyeing?

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  1. Devices like n95 n8 n900 808 n9 1520 makes Nokia legend till date. Typing with n9 running ICS and sailfish

  2. That’s quite an impressive list of devices you have there. I gotta admit am (or was) a bit of a Nokia fan boy. Shame their push for WP pushed me into the arms of Samsung.

    My Nokia devices owned would be something like this 1100, 1280, 2100, 1600, 2630, 3650, 7600, N-gage QD, , 6100, 6600, 6630, 6220 classic, 8800, E71, N95, Lumia 800 & 620 (transistion owned them as i only bought em to try and sell off).

    Me and Nokia sure had a great run, at one point i had 6 Nokia phones. Samsung #FTW now

  3. 1100, 1600, 2600c, 3110c, 3230, 3250, 3310, 6260, 6600, 7210, C 6, E 5, E 7, E 63, N Gage, N 9, N 80, N82, N 95 (8 GB), N 800, N 900. Lumia 510, Lumia 800

  4. Yomi I disagree with your asertion (no. 5) that Nokia made touchscreen phones before it was cool to do so. That claim should rightly go to Ericsson and probably Palm. Remember the R380 and the Treo? Ericsson & later SonyEricsson were pioneers in touchscreen smartphones (P800, P900, P910, P990, P1, M600, W960) I believe u even owned the P800. Nokia was not interested in making touchscreen phones, well not until iPhone and Android became real threats. I even remember one of our discussion on Esato when I told u that touchscreen was the future of smartphones. Anyway my point is that Nokia was content with rolling out s60 devices and got blown away by touchscreen smartphones from rival companies. Nikia tried to respond with the 5800 xpress music and subsequent S60v5 devices, but it was too little too late.

  5. ambyzown,

    Yomi I disagree with your asertion (no. 5) that Nokia made touchscreen phones before it was cool to do so. That claim should rightly go to Ericsson and probably Palm. Remember the R380 and the Treo?

    My assertion wasn’t that Nokia invented touchscreen phones but that they made them before it became cool.

    The Nokia 770, for example, was a touchscreen internet tablet released in 2005 – two years before the first iPhone. A year before the 770, the Nokia 7710 – the first Nokia touchscreen device – hit the market. These and the Sony Ericsson P-series you mentioned were niche devices back then – embraced mostly by geeks and techies like you and I.

    My assertion stands.

  6. Yomi I disagree with your asertion (no. 5) that Nokia made touchscreen phones before it was cool to do so. That claim should rightly go to Ericsson and probably Palm

    History depends on who’s narrating. I’ve come across several articles written by Authors who would swear on the father’s virility that Touchscreen came to existence with the Iphone.

    My history with Nokia is far from impressive; 3310, X3 and E72. I remember the day my 3310 fell and scattered into component pieces (I put it back together eventually) I fell into deep dark depression (wonder what my past self would have done if my Note 3 shatters, Genocide?)

    Notable Nokia devices in my book- 5800 (marked their serious foray into touchscreen business) N8, E7, N96 (with its then amazing whooping 32gb memory)….then there was that xpress music device with blinking buttons by the side that every Nkechi, Sani and Chika possessed. Gah!!

    They made their mark.

    Shame their push for WP pushed me into the arms of Samsung

    Same here (though I was never a devout fanboy), I fell into Sammy’s clutches then my S2 (T989) got confused with an S4 by a Mobile Phone sales girl at a Mall. (If she had called my S4 an S2, I’m pretty sure I would have left with a black eyes as a parting gift). Silly yes but I’m moving to Sony’s arms. ‘Em xperia (ZL, Z1, Z2) are looking damn unique

  7. I have proudly been the owner of more Samsung and Sony Ericsson/Ericsson phones than Nokia phones. I used to be able to say I could count the Nokias I’ve owned on one hand but now I have to extend an additional digit.

    My first Nokia was the 5110, hated it, especially the aerial. That thing was literally a pain when in your pocket.

    Next, Nokia 3410, which I bought when I’d lost my beloved Siemens S35i. How happy I was when I sold this to a friend, who in turn gave it to her mother (who was still using it a few years ago)

    After that, my next Nokia was the E72. I really wanted a BlackBerry but it was a gift. That phone was annoying as hell but served its purpose and I still have it.

    After that, it was the Nokia Lumia 620 and 820, and now Nokia X.

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