Yesterday, a Saturday, was a hectic day for me. As the unofficial family driver (my wife drives too), it was my honourable task to haul

Garmap for Mobile Impresses

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Yesterday, a Saturday, was a hectic day for me. As the unofficial family driver (my wife drives too), it was my honourable task to haul us all around Lagos, from Ilupeju to Surulere to Gbagada to Omole. It looked like a promising day.

It also looked like a good opportunity to try out the popular mobile navigation application, Garmap for Mobile.

Did it deliver? Impressively! While I was familiar with most of the places we went to yesterday, that familiarity also helped evaluate how detailed and accurate Garmap is. Believe me when I say that Garmap provides accurate directions.

Even better, I observed that Garmap calculates the most direct routes possible, keeping you on major roads as much as possible. This way, it is difficult to get lost. If you make a wrong turn, Garmap re-calculates your route and gives you a fresh set of instructions to get you to your destination.

In addition, the voice guidance was so good that I had no need to look at the display of the phone. Garmap is so accurate that it gives directions to exit or enter service lanes on point! We had a taste of this a couple of times along Ikorodu road.

There was one location I didn’t have a good grasp of at Surulere, but Garmap proved effective, effortlessly piloting us through roundabouts and side streets. All I had to do was type in the street address and search. Garmap got us to our destination nicely.

My wife, who is not exactly a mobile phone person, is excited. She’s been telling everyone how wonderful this application is. As someone involved in marketing for her employers she thinks Garmap for Mobile is a must-have for those who are constantly on the move. I agree. Oh, and she’s already looking to replace her dumbphone with an S60 smartphone so she can use Garmap.

By the way, Alireta is giving away a free Garmap for Mobile application (full licence) if you purchase an S60 or Windows Mobile smartphone from them. Call 08084391076 if interested. Alireta Mobile is a delivery service and will deliver your order to your home or office same day or within 24 hours, depending on the time you place your order.

Finding points of interests works well too. Whether its a food outlet, fuel station, educational institution, or religious organisation, the application presents you with a list of such points near you – and that can include even those that are 500 km way from you.

If you need to find your way around Lagos and other major cities in Nigeria regularly, it is my informed opinion that you cannot go wrong with Garmap for Mobile.

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