Garmin’s Garmap for Mobile is now available with streetmaps of major cities in Nigeria, including: Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, Ibadan, Warri, Otta, among others. Here

Garmap Nigeria Streetmaps

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Garmin’s Garmap for Mobile is now available with streetmaps of major cities in Nigeria, including: Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, Ibadan, Warri, Otta, among others.


Here are more features:

  • 9,800km of routable map data
  • Over 8,800 points of interest (POIs)
  • Street maps for Lagos, FCT Abuja, Port Harcourt, Ibadan, Warri, and Ota amongst others
  • Turn-by-turn voice prompts
  • Route simulation: Ability to simulate route and view destination on map before embarking on the journey
  • Weather forecast: Ability to check five day weather forecasts destinations and over 5000 cities worldwide
  • Flight schedule and status: Access flight details for many major airlines
  • Points of Interest dialing: Choose from over 8800 Points of Interest and call a point of interest (such as a restaurant or coffee shop) using the phone feature.
  • Location messaging: Send a location message to another Nigerian mobile phone, detailing their exact location in GPS coordinates. If the receiving mobile phone also has Garmap For Mobile installed the message translates into a destination point and allows the receiver to navigate easily and quickly to that point.
  • Panic button: Automatically fires off an urgent location message to up to three emergency contacts whenever the ‘#’ key is depressed for more than 3 seconds on certain Nokia and Samsung phones.
  • “Panoramio”, a tool that allows consumers to access user-generated content that has been uploaded to the Web.
  • On board user’s manual and troubleshooting information: The user’s manual and troubleshooting information sits on the application on your phone, so help is wherever you are.
  • SD card and Installation disk: The application comes on a 2gig SD card and an installation / recovery disk
  • 1.8 gig memory space: The application comes with 1.8gig free memory space on the SD card

The official distributor for Garmin in Nigeria, JEJ Engineering, says that the application is compatible with Windows Mobile (Pocket PC and Smart phone) and Symbian S60 devices with built-in GPS.

This really is interesting and good news. I’m looking forward to giving the application a spin and presenting a detailed review here. Watch this space.


  1. Excellent to try on Abuja roads with less traffic and reasonable road users. Trying to use this in Lagos will be very challenging.

  2. Hello Mr. Alabi,

    Sounds interesting. Can you arrange for us to get our hands on a loan unit so we can put it through its paces and do a review here on MobilityNigeria?

    You can reach us via 08084391076 or


  3. There’s been a buzz lately about navigation in Nigeria and I have been skeptic, however I had a great experience with the Garmap.

    I discovered a lot more cool features like day and night graphic mode, coordinates, emergency location messaging, weather update, flight status, several points of interests and Panoramio which is actually a user generated geo tagged data base of photos of interesting places around Lagos and all the user needs to do is to click go and the navigation takes to where the photo was taken. Believe me, it’s a near endless list.

    Another aspect of the application that trips me is the quality of the map data, having used Garmin and Tom Tom in Europe I was amazed to see the streets and navigation are as accurate.

    I got my Garmap on Monday and I’ve been using it for 1 week now and loving it more. I recommend this application to everybody as It can just change the way we find places without need for house number, address, street names or area which has for so long failed us all. Garmap location messaging just takes care of that.

    Well all of my friends are getting or I won’t visit.

  4. Does garmin have the car mounting type for the windscreen. It s highly needed

  5. I must the work you all are doing on this forum.i just want to ask how i’ll get the GARMAP FOR MOBILE. And does it work on Nokia N70. if it does,i’ll love to know how to get the application….thanks…

  6. i’ve been trying to get such a thing, i mean a mobile of nigeria cos i once heard of one NDDC stuff about the mobile map on news.

  7. Chudi, the Garmap application we have is for mobile devices.

    Adebola, the N70 does not have GPS built-in, and is a discontinued product. I recommend that you get a more recent device if you want to use mobile navigation applications to the full.

    Garmap for mobile is available for purchase at Alireta Nigeria Limited. You can reach Alireta on 08084391076.

  8. Nur, no; this particular application is compatible only with Symbian and Windows Mobile smartphones.

  9. this is a nice forum. i’ve been searching garmap even b4 getting my x1. thank God now i know where to call for it. thanks guys.

  10. Peter,

    The 5320 does not have GPS built-in. You are probably mixing up GPRS for GPS. In this case, you may look at the option of getting a separate Bluetooth GPS unit if you want to use it for navigation.

  11. i just tried out the Nokia Maps and the garmap over the cause of the month and i most say that Garmin is by a fair margin better. It is more recent and detailed than the nokia map. My estate is listed in the nokia map but no street names just like the lagos maps of 1990 while Garmap has the same estate with the street name and navigating with Garmin is a joy…i’m regretting my drive subscription for Nokia

  12. pls, i will like to know if i can have d garmap on my x1. i already hv a 4gig memory card in it, would i still need to purchase the 2gig sd card it comes on? also, how much do i have to pay?

  13. Sola,

    Yes; Garmapis compatible with the X1. I have it running on my X1.

    The 2GB installation card is part of the sales package, so you get it along with your purchase. Price: N10, 000.


  14. thanks Yomi. but, can i have garmap installed in the present 4gig memory card i have in my x1? i dont think it makes sense having to be interchanging cards in fone if i can only have it in the 2gig memory card it comes with. i have loads of apps and other things in my card right now that i cant just do without.

  15. Hello Yomi, stumbled on this write up when i did a google search.

    Do you know if this map is still being sold by JEJ Engineering? How much is it? What is the latest version? An updated map is very necessary especially on the island where all the road networks have been re-mapped.

  16. I saw this on my friend’s grandma’s Nokia phone _ I forgot the exact make _ and it looks like the sort of thing that can be useful this Christmas especially going for Holidays. I expect to get this soon, thanks for sharing the information here, Sir.

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