By far my best keyboard on Android OS is the Google keyboard. I have tried my hands at all sorts of third party alternatives, including

Google Keyboard for Android is now Gboard

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By far my best keyboard on Android OS is the Google keyboard. I have tried my hands at all sorts of third party alternatives, including the most popular ones. But I have always come back to the Google keyboard. It just works like a charm for me. And now, Google has had mercy on us and given us a shorter name for it, Gboard.

Gboard: More Than A Name Change
This isn’t just about a change of name though. Gboard has new features to offer. Android Police lists the following new features, among other modifications:

  • Option to enable a G button for search
  • Option to enable a dedicated number row
  • Ability to type in three languages at the same time. For example, like when you need to type Yoruba expressions in the middle of an English tweet or essay. Nice!
  • Emoji menu has been modified
  • GIF button is always visible

Gboard for iOS Came First
What is more interesting is that the new Gboard was first released on iOS months ago. Apparently, Google has joined bad gang with Microsoft – releasing more full-featured versions of its apps on a competing platform.

Gboard for iOS is superb in that it allowed users to run Google search right in the keyboard. You don’t have to leave what you’re doing to go run a search before coming back. The iOS version also allows users to search for emojis right in the keyboard too.

Hopefully, this new version of Google’s keyboard for Android has all the same nifty improvements. In which case, the best Android keyboard app would have gotten even better. The update will show up on your Android smartphone anytime from now.


  1. In Which Case, The Best Android Keyboard App Would Have Gotten Even Better.

    GBoard Keyboard is certainly not the best Android keyboard.

    Far from it

    Like a Nissan, it is capable, but that’s about it.

    If you want something far better than GBoard, try its derivative, the Chrooma Keyboard

    Dedicated number row
    has been available on almost all worthwhile keyboards I know…. ranging from Swiftkey, to ToucPal, to Kii, to Chrooma…. . Google_Searching from the keyboard is something I would never avail myself of.. I.prefer to search from my browser… for multi page comprehensive result.

    Searching for emoji.. the standard implementation is as done on Swiftkey Keyboard. Type something and the emoji equivalent gets suggested dynamically (Google could take a look at SwiftMoji Keyboard, a Swiftkey Keyboard variant (for how it is better done).

    Google keeps focusing on inconsequential things, and leaves vital things unimplemented on their keyboard.

    They should take a look at other keyboards like the resurgent Kii, Chrooma or TouchPal, for ideas.

    All these diminutive incremental enhancements are insufficient.

    I have installed, taken a look,and promptly uninstalled.

    Google Keyboard still does not predict in some fields, and in a text editor like WebMaster HTML Editor Lite, it is simply unusable.

    Other worthwhile keyboards like Chrooma, Kii, Swiftkey Keyboard predict everywhere .

    It is strange Google wouldn’t make this an option on their keyboard, as this is vitally important.

    Edit keys like Home, End, Uo, Down Select All, Court, Delete, etc, are still missing.

    All these absent feature is what keeps the rating low at 4.2 while most other popular keyboards are rated above this.

    Google can do a lot better with their keyboard, or they could simply leave keyboard app development to third parties.

  2. I still don’t have any use for these 3rd party keyboard apps. Why is Google even doing this? Thought the stock android onboard keyboard is done by Google… No?

  3. SwiftKey keyboard is the best. One thing it does that no other keyboard does is the ability to learn how you type and then bring it up as predictions when typing. Download and thank me later.

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