• Fri. Apr 16th, 2021

Geeksphone exits the smartphone market for wearables

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It was just two days ago that we published the news of Geeksphone dropping development work on Firefox OS. Now, the company has announced that they are done with smartphones and also leaving their Multi OS platform in the hands of its Users’ Community. The founders have created geeks!me, a new brand focused on the development of wearables and it will launch its first product in the upcoming months.

Geeksphone has produced six (6) phones since its founding in 2009. It was the first Spanish company to develop a smartphone, the first European company to launch an Android based phone, the first global brand to launch a Firefox OS mobile device together with Telefónica and the Mozilla Foundation.


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2 thoughts on “Geeksphone exits the smartphone market for wearables”
  1. @Ehis, are you serious? Do you have any idea what a difference their firsts have made on the local not to mention international market? It may be nothing to you, but as the statement has said, they’ve moved on to something else.

    I can see they’ve spotted an area in the market ripe for development. I will watch with interest to see how this new venture pans out.

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