It had been three hours, and I still could not locate my cellphone. During that period, it dawned on me that I was helpless and

Generation Y – more smartphones; less smart people

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It had been three hours, and I still could not locate my cellphone. During that period, it dawned on me that I was helpless and useless to myself. I tried calling the phone, and then I remembered I put the darn contraption on meeting mode. I felt my heart skip a beat. Did I leave it in the taxi or did I leave it at home. I started having some slight heart palpitations, then my hand brushed against my BlackBerry’s hard surface. Thank goodness! The truth is bitter, but I had to admit that I am tied to my mobile phone… make that mobile devices.

I tried to calm down. Calm down? How was that even possible? Since the rave of smart phones, I had relieved my brains and all my thinking faculties of their usual duties. Memorizing my bank account numbers, the password to my email account, my ATM pin number and other delicate information has become unnecessary, thanks to the password keeper application. Even birthdates and appointment dates are stored in there and at the appropriate time, I will be reminded by my worthy PA (my smartphone).

As a child I was extremely hyper. I could never stay in one spot quietly. I am sure I embarrassed my dad one too many times with my frequent outbursts and uncultured blabbing, but these phones are so smart that they have succeeded in keeping me confined to one spot. Extra-curricular activities like watching movies, playing Sudoku and other games, solving puzzles and even reading comics that have been time tested and proven to confine children can all be done on the little device. Oh! My dad should have lived to see this.

Gone are the days of memorizing the capital of Rwanda and the current UN president. Hell yeah! I have got the freaking Google app on my phone. I refuse to give myself stress. Even a fellow colleague from the learned profession has confessed to me how his smart phone came to the rescue when he had a case to defend in court. Yeah go ahead and draw your conclusion that smart people are going into extinction. I’ll even be generous enough to admit that it is true, after all why call it smartphones? We have transferred our brain work to a device that is handy at all times. Who doesn’t want a clear head? I know I want one!

Our elders say this attitude isn’t peculiar to me. It has befallen individuals around my age bracket. They call us generation Y. They also say there is no precise date as to when Generation Y ends or starts, but if you were born sometime between the 1970s up till the early 2000s, then you fall in this category.

But wait oh! Why refer to us as Generation Y? Abeg forget Generation Y; call us Generation Smartphones, or better still Generation Mobile! By the way, don’t forget to follow me on twitter. My handle is @toperants

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