Double Tap to wake or sleep your phone, wave over the sensor to answer a call, draw letters on the screen to open certain apps an many more. Smartphone gestures and gesture controls are a new level of cool, but who uses them?

Gesture Controls on smartphones are cool, but who cares to use them?

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Double Tap to wake or sleep your phone, wave over the sensor to answer a call, draw letters on the screen to open certain apps an many more. If you know what the above functions do, then you get what we mean by gestures or gesture controls.

gesture controls on smartphones


Gesture controls is new technology recently introduced to mobiles to make using them more aesthetic, intuitive, and somewhat eye catching. The whole concept revolves around having to perform functions by having to press fewer or no buttons at all.


It is always a delight seeing someone making hand movements on their phones and things happen. Remember Iron Man controlling his suits and stuff mostly with gesture controls 🙂 . Cool isn’t it? For those it might concern, there’s an Xposed Module that allows you to implement multiple multi-touch gesture controls on any Android starting from version 4.0 (Ice-Cream Sandwich). Amidst all these, what’s the catch?

Personally, I always forget to use gestures. Yeah! After configuring and setting everything up, the time comes to use them, and I forget such things exist. I still do it the old way. Sometimes when you have too many gestures configured, you see yourself mixing them up, or maybe swipe once where you’re meant to swipe twice. It can really be a pain in the ass.

It could also be more embarrassing when you try the gestures and they refuse to work, especially when you wanted to form James Bond in a public setting. LOL!!

Do you have gesture controls on your devices? Do you use them? Share your experiences if you have any

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  1. I tried a couple of these gestures in the time past, the only ones that i liked are the ones found on the Blackberry OS, swipe up to wake up and swipe up to multitask. These gestures appear natural enough for me to use.

  2. Yes I use gesture control.

    I double tap to lock the screen, flip the phone face down to lock / unlock (toggle). I swipe the notification to reduce or increase brightness, etc.

    Those are the ones I use very regularly, and I don’t forget their existence because they are used consistently, daily.

    …have a look at Make a gesture.. it could save your life

  3. They are really a pain in the ass, pick up the phone to my ears to answer calls and after changing screen it ain’t working.

  4. I love anything gestures…to me, they’re what make smartphones truly smart. I use them…double-tap to wake and sleep, wave hand to answer call, flip phone to oute call, draw letters to launch apps, lift phone to ear to call a contact, tilt phone to scroll…I even use gesture launchers like SwipePad. Smart!

  5. only use the call related and alarm related gestures… others or many more become cumbersome and tasking

  6. Yeah. You are very correct. Without gestures, smartphones are just there. Normal. I wish I had a gesture phone ???? because my current phone infinix hot x507 dosent have any.

  7. I love Gestures beta on WP. I’ve used the flipping the phone face down to mute ringing, and even better, when doing a task, put the phone down and it kicked in to speaker phone. And I did like waving over my previous phone just to see what the time was 🙂

    The finger gestures I find I use more on the BlackBerry than on any other device but some of those look more like hand signals than gestures!

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