Glo has silently made adjustments to their data plans such that subscribers get even more data for their money. First up is the N1,000 play,

Get 1.5GB data for N1,000 on Glo, plus other good news

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Glo has silently made adjustments to their data plans such that subscribers get even more data for their money. First up is the N1,000 play, which now provides 1.5GB up from the previous 1GB data allocation. most of the other data plans have also

  • N1,000: 1.5GB (up from 1GB)
  • N2,000: 3GB (up from 2.5GB)
  • N3,000: 6GB (up from 4.5GB)
  • N4,000: 9GB – this looks like a new plan

We have the NCC’s recent removal of data floor price to thank for these new rates. Of course, Glo has always been at the forefront of driving down mobile data prices in Nigeria. This is not the first time this year that Glo has adjusted its data plans to give subscribers more value. We expect the other providers to respond to this, as usual, by offering more to their subscribers too.


  1. Glo have always been a people centric company since their inception so no surprises there,howeverthey really need to work on their network efficiency ’cause it really sucks..

  2. This is impressive, but just like others have noted, GLO Internet service is really nothing to drool over. They are as unstable as the British weather. God help you if theirs is your only gateway to the online community.

  3. My only problem with them is their quality of service. If only they can be faster and more reliable. MTN may be expensive but they deliver where I reside.

  4. If you’re experiencing poor data service on Glo Network, all you need to do is to call 444 with your Glo from the location of poor quality service. Although, you might have to endure and exercise patience before the customer care representative picks your call. Who knows, you might even be lucky such that you don’t spend much time before being attended to.
    Once your complaints has been registered with them, just be rest assured that you will experience a better quality service within the next few days.
    I am writing based on my personal experience with them. People in my area now are experiencing a blazing speed glo internet service after years of Snail like service that has almost turned Glo to a forgotten brand in terms of quality data service just because of a phone call I made to them with patience. The whole issue was rectified in less than a week.
    I repeated the same call to them in my work place because we have similar poor service there too. To my surprise, the quality of service was improved within the next few days. Although not yet as strong as the one in my residential area. I am so glad that I can now have a good share of this National Cake that Glo is generously giving out.

  5. Please, kindly provide activation codes for these new data plans because they have not yet reflect on the

  6. Oh Sorry! I have just seen the new data plans in under “Smartphone and Tablets”.
    Thanks a lot Bros!

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