Get 150GB data for N5,000 on GLO Nigeria

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Grab this opportunity before it passes you by, Check out this awoof data plan from GLO. Simply follow this steps religiously and you’re sure of getting 150GB data for just N5000.

  • Buy a new GLO SIM card.
  • Dial *122#
  • Get red white and black clothes.
  • Tie the red on your head.
  • Tie the black on your waist.
  • Tie the white on your leg and go to bed.
  • Wake up exactly by 12 am
  • Shout GLO 7 times…

LOL!! 😆 so you actually thought this was true. Happy Weekend folks!!

PS: Thanks to Jide Ogunsanya for the inspiration for this joke!

  1. Lol. Even with their 1k for 3gb their network is terrible talkless is this joke was true the network would be a disaster.

  2. Terrible? Yesterday , I downloaded an 100MB file in less than 4minutes. Not bad. I was impressed.

    Network strength is location dependent.

  3. No offense yeah. But, *#+@ u guys. I was already doing the mental arithmetic on my income to justify this before I got to the end of the post.


    N/B: All despite the 1k 3G BIS plan and MTN #70 SS plans. No torrenting for me.

  4. Mehn, with Glo, I just cant deal. Signal strength is totally location dependent.
    Why cant they just roll out strong signal in all locations?

  5. “Network strength is location dependent”. Yes, kelvin said It all. Instead of complaints its kudos for glo here.
    None of the networks can boast of totality in their coverage of the entire country.

  6. You must not use a torrent downloader. Use this. Copy the torrent magnetic link then go to register, login and paste the link then you download. You can reach me @

  7. //Etisalat is king in Lagos//

    I’ve used etisalat before. I think they’re just overhyped. Couldn’t use them during the day. Only at night.

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