What you need: an Etisalat SIM N1,100 airtime any unlocked smartphone, modem or MiFi What to do: turn off mobile data on your device load

How to get 3GB mobile internet for N1,000 only

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What you need:

  • an Etisalat SIM
  • N1,100 airtime
  • any unlocked smartphone, modem or MiFi

What to do:

  • turn off mobile data on your device
  • load the N1,100 airtime on the Etisalat SIM
  • dial *499*3# and wait for a confirmation SMS. N1,000 is deducted
  • dial *599*3*2#. N100 is deducted and this lets you use the data plan on any device. If you do not do this, the plan is restricted to BlackBerry devices only
  • in your device settings, create an APN “blackberryx.net” and save it as “Etisalat” (any name is okay actually, so feel free to be creative)

You can check your data balance by dialling *228#, and you can renew this any time you exhaust the allocated data.

Disclaimer: Subscribe to this at your own risk. This isn’t necessarily official. It can be withdrawn or disabled at any time without notice.


  1. knowing etisalat, they’ll block this sooner rather than later, let’s enjoy it while it lasts

  2. This method has been on for a long time and has been kept top secret. This is my third month using it. You didn’t have to broadcast it.. there are a lot of snitches out there..

  3. I have been using this since May… I wonder why some things can’t be kept private. By the time it spread like wildfire all over the net, etistupid will find out and correct the glitch. Oh please!

  4. Etisalat stated in their website that:
    “The new etisalat BlackBerry® Complete Plan offers a generous data allowance for BlackBerry APN-routed internet traffic”
    It is likely that they are aware of the loophole.

  5. Hmmm……. interesting.

    And to all those complaining about the so called “unveiled top secret”, suck it up and be generous with information like this for once. After LandTel decided to lock non-BB devices out, what were u expecting?

  6. Good day, please I need your assistance, i exhausted my etisalat 3gig blackberry 1k plan on my modem in about a week, i resubscribed with 1,100 but its not browsing its showing me i have 3000 mb but its not browsing can some one please tell me what to do. i would really appreciate it, i think i must have done something wrong. my apn is still very correct. the problem isn’t from my settings its from d sim, cos i put my brothers sim in my modem and its browsing. so i must have done d subscription wrongly.

  7. I cheked my data balance and got the message below. I am wondering why it had to be multiple balances and expiry dates.

    Dear customer,you are on the Monthly data plan.Your balance is 5 MB valid till 2013-12-26.Text HELP to 229 for more information.Your data balance is 15 MB valid till 2013-12-20.Text help to 229 for other info.Your data balance is 3072 MB valid till 2014-01-18.Text help to 229 for other info.

  8. I followed the instruction as Mr Mo gave it. After browsing g f a while it was said that I have exhausted the monthly subscription.

    @scarface can you give me the steps you followed. Any attempt to browse on mine now brings up buy.etisalat…..

  9. I should have read this latest comments before plunging in. I plunged in last night but it is not working. The thing is just burning my credit. Even my Easyflex credit. I even had to change the APN in the default one to blackberryx.net
    I have just wasted N2,100 (including the cost of my easyflex bundle)

  10. Hi. Please, does anyone know maybe this package is still working. Because, I subscribe this month of November 2014. They gave me 3072mb and 15mb. So, after the 15mb finish browsing. It didn’t work again and the 3072mb is still showing whenever I check my data balance. I just want to know maybe I can still use the megabyte or not. Thanks House.

  11. IMEI? How will I do that? Please, let me know all the guild line/the necessary things to do to make it work. Thanks.

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