Get 4GB from Airtel on your Android device

Posted by Oluseyi

I received a text message from Airtel this afternoon informing me of an Android data bundle for a limited time. The text goes thus:

“Browse the way you like! Dial *437*1# for the Android bundle at N2000 to get 4GB, valid for 60 days”

This may not apply to all subscribers but you can give it a try. I’m not interested in the offer though, because Airtel is fond of double charging on some of their data plans.

Note that this offer is valid for 60 days.

  1. Their insincerity with data usage charge is worrisome. The reason I won’t bother or sell the idea to anyone. One may end up only consuming less than 2gig overall.

  2. You will definitely end up consuming less than what was advertised by Airtel. That I know for sure.

  3. The Voodoo Calculation Of Data Consumption By Airtel.. Is Why I Would Never Touch Their Data Services With A Long Pole, Anymore…Until They Repent

    Having Discovered MTN And Its Rock Solid Data Performance In My Neck Of Woods It Would Take A Miracle To Tempt Me With All These Amorphous Offers From Airtel.

    I Want To Be Sure That What I Consume Is What I Get Billed For, And With The Way Things Are Right Niw, Airtel Has A Blank Cheque To Bill You As The Mood Catches Them..

    No Thanks.

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