How to get 6GB on GLO network with just N1,500

Cheap data is what we mostly yearn for in this country. All thanks to GLO for providing us with the cheapest data plans. Ever since we discovered how to get 3 GB for just N1,000 the plan has become so widespread. Here’s how to even benefit more by getting 6GB for just N1,500.


  • Do the normal 3 GB subscription for N1,000 by dialing *777*21# or by texting Comonth to 777.
  • Activate the Glo weekend plan of N500 for 3GB by dialing *777# and then following the prompt.
  • That’s all.


  • Both plans can’t work at the same time. To pause the BlackBerry subscription, switch your APN to glosecure or gloflat.
  • The trick works on devices that support the BlackBerry subscription.

All hail GLO!! Giving us cheap data since 1900 😀

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