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Get a free Nokia E7; Pre-order now available in Nigeria 1
The highly anticipated business smartphone, Nokia E7, is now available first through a preorder before it becomes available in Retail. The Nokia E7 is the true emblem of success and class. The E7 supports business applications from leading enterprise technology partners including Microsoft and IBM, as well as a wide range of entertainment and multimedia services and features, combining to make the Nokia E7 the perfect companion at work and at play.

Pre-order in Nigeria

Residents of Nigeria can now pre-order a copy of the E7 through or

Win a Nokia E7!

While the pre-order is on, you can also win a free Nokia E7 on Mobility Nigeria. All that you need to do is tell us the most creative thing that you have ever done with your Nokia phone. Any Nokia phone.

The winning entry will be selected by a joint decision of Nokia West Africa and Mobility Nigeria. So, start posting away!



  1. 9ice one. My Nokia C5 helped me to register my courses online while in school as i could not afford a computer. It has been success all the way since then.

  2. When i was in school, we were supposed to submit an assignment on a given day. But the lecturer came in one day and saw a fairly empty class, in anger he asked for his assignment and we told him we were to submit the next week. The man shouted that he wants the assignment in 20 minutes time or you get a carryover automatically in his course. You can imagine, hell was let loose, there was pandemonium and chaos. Luckily i had done mine but it was in my laptop at home,i called my flatmate and asked him to send it as an email since he had mobile internet access. He sent it with his phone and i also downloaded it with my phone. I rushed to a business centre and printed it. All this happened within less than 20 minutes. Thanks to fast 3G in my school environment then,because it helped to upload and download the assignment. And also a good symbian phone(i used Nokia N95 then).

  3. I Forgot to add that i attended University of Abuja. The university is in Gwagwalada and i stayed in Abuja town. It would have taken me a minimum of 3hours to go to town, get the assignment and come back to school to submit it. But the lecturer gave 20 minutes.

  4. Most of the useful (creative?) things I have done (still do) with my Nokia5800 have been software based. A few of them are hardware based.

    1). I have a software installed on my phone called “EXPRESS ALARM”. The software monitors the noise (decibel level) and emits a rancorous alarm when the noise level exceeds what you set-up in the application. It can also dial another number once the the noise level exceeds your threshold.

    I use this application as a ‘poor-man’s burglar alarm system. I put it in my car at night. If someone attempts to break into the car, my ‘alarm system’ sets up strident noise and dials my other phone close to my pillow.

    I also used this application when wife newly put to bed. I put the phone with this software close to the baby’s crib at night. When the baby cries at night, the phone by the baby’s side dials the mother’s (not mine!) phone. The mum can then wake up to attend to the babe. I can continue snoring!

    2) My nokia5800 has Tv-Out functionality. With this phone, I no longer need a dvd-player. I do not need to carry CDs about. I have lots of memory on the microSD card.I convert the video CDs into MP4 format and the audio CDs into MP3. In this format, they are portable and last forever.

    I then hook up the phone to my 32″ LCD Tv. The Tv is in turn connected to an amplifier system. Of course, to listen to FM radio, I also hook up my phone as earlier described. The difference in this instance is there is no video, but the surround-sound is just mellifluous!

    3) I use my Nokia as my bedside clock. Using JBak Taskman, a digital, luminous clock is displayed on the screen. It is legible from 5 meters, in daytime. You can imagine the legibility at night!

    4) I have a piano application on my phone (Pocket Piano). By connecting my phone to the Tv – again – You will imagine we have a full-sized piano performing when I start playing.

    5) My phone is important to me. I have a software that guards the phone perpetually. The software uses the light / proximity sensor to do the magic. If I put the phone in my pocket, if anyone brings it out surreptitiously, he will ge a shocker as the powerful Nokia5800 speakers are deployed to emit a nerve-shattering, high-piched noise. Pickpocket caught! Put the phone in your purse, briefcase – anywhere where the sensor is covered. A sudden sustained (for some seconds) uncovering will deploy that loud noise.

    6) Most homes have albums – with their wedding and other memory pictures. Problem is, the pictures deteriorate over time. Enter the Nok5800! I scan all my photos into digital format, place them on my memory card. Like the case of the Cds, they last forever in this form. I then use Resco PhotoViever to flip through my album. Connected to that big Tv, visitors can flip through photos. I am also able to do some level of photo editing to enhance the quality of the ones that are not up to par.

    7) Power being a major problem in Nigeria, we often need a torch. I have “Phone Torch” application which turns my Phone into a Torch. I also sometimes use this phone as a ‘hazard light’ as it can intermittently turn on/off the flash on the phone. The intrinsic ‘torch’ function – while present on may phones – is absent on the Nokia 5800

    8) I often need to scribble things down. My phone makes it unnecessry for me to carry about a pen(cil) and paper. I use an application called ‘Stick Notes’ that allows me use the phone as a ‘Post-It’ yellow note

    8) Being able to enjoy the services of my phone needs that I use the battery parsimoniously. I have a my JBak Taskman that allows me attach a ‘display-liminousity-level’ to every application I have on the phone, I can also attach this to any profile. In association with a program like “Handy Profile”, you can instruct the phone to turn down the brightness automatically depending on prevailing conditions (such as current battery-level, whether it is day or night, e.t.c)

    Kindly refer to a related article for some other (creative?) uses to which my Nokia-5800 is deployed.

  5. It might sound funny,but

    The most creative thing that I have ever done with my Nokia phone is to use it to replace lots of gadgets, there by SAVING MONEY.

    I no longer need a Notepad, Scientific calculator, Digital camera, Stop watch, wrist Watch, Compass, portable flash light,Bedside alarm,Atlas Map, Mp3 player etc.

  6. Hmmmmnnn, Dont know if I’d call it creative or Utilitarian but my beloved 5800 with along with Quick Office, Adobe Reader and Opera Mini 5 where used in completing more than 90% of my final year project of which I documented some at

    My laptop battery died and the light wasnt steady to use it in desktop mode and there were so many deadlines.

    What I did was do my research by daytime, on the bus, between classes etc and save web pages as bookmarks via opera link. I also saved pdf files on my memorycard. Then using quick office I would type as much as I could all day and then at night, transfer to my laptop and arrange everything.

    I also took all the photos and videos for the project with my phone. I finished the work in record time and scored an “A” for it 🙂

  7. The most creative thing i ever carried out on my Nokia 3650,yes Nokia 3650 was make use of it as a Barcode Reader to obtain calorie and other information on products bought at the Supermarket.

  8. Choi.. My lovely N97. I pushed it to it’s limits oh.
    I was reading my emails from 6 mailboxes with Nokia Messaging, playing music and transmitting to my brother’s phone through the FM Transmitter and best of all serving as a flash light cos NEPA no gree give us light.

    I was doing all these at the same time. It really touched me.
    Nokia phones are God-Made for Nigerians.

  9. I use a Nokia N95 8gb. I once had an assignment out of Lagos and my wife missed me so much she couldn’t relax enough to sleep at night. So she called me that night and asked me to do something about it. I sometimes sing to her to sleep, and I do have a good baritone voice. But since my brain was already drowsy that night, I would surely sound like a toad! So I asked her to lay in a comfortable position then without cutting the call, I opened menu click on Music Player and played for her her favorite song- ‘Hello’ by Lione Richie. Then I played some Enya songs till she stopped responding to my sweet nothings. We could here each other well and the song’s volume was just right. (of course, we were using the Glo free night call)

  10. My Nokia 6630 was a cool phone. I downloaded a GPS software for the phone, and it was helpful a lot. One day when I was heading to a friend’s house in Enugu State, I didn’t really know the route to take to get to my destination, so I missed my way. I asked for direction from other people on the road and I also called my friend several times, but the directions they kept giving me were quite obscure. But with the aid of the GPS on my phone, I was able to find the route to the destination I was heading to. It was quite a stressful day, and if you saw the way I was checking my GPS every second you would probably think I was the next Bond, James Bond.

  11. Really interesting topic. Eyebeekay has said so much. And those stuff are really intriguing. If it was an iPhone, I would’ve had a million things to say. But a Nokia phone? I come up with my present Symbian phone. A Symbian 5230.

    The phone us affordable and also trustworthy. That Whatsapp application is aBomb!

    And what saved me once was the integrated accelerometer. When phone rings and you flip it on it’s screen side down,, the ringtone gets muffled. Or is silenced. When in a boardroom meeting, this singular feature saved me from being rebuked. As we were told to turn off our Phone prior to the meeting’s commencement. and this I had surreptitiously ignored. I had been editing a Microsoft power point slide prior to delivering a paper!

    My misadventures were not noted, and I gave a wonderful presentation afterwards; after I transferred my SYMBIAN Edited PowerPoint Dociment to my laptop with the help of Bluetooth!

  12. my then 3310, composing boyz2men ill make love to u. after searching forthe keynote for years with those funny sounds. all 4 my sweetheart. then ‘nokiaing’ her For keeps with the C3 with yoriyori. hope the e7 is mine for our diamond anniversary.

  13. I have always loved NOKIA and NOKIA accesories. Aside the numerous benefits i’d derived using Nokia phones, from its durability, utility, easy access to mail and all, the most compelling and most creative was what i did with my Nokia X3 Xpressmusic phone with 3.2 megapixels camera.
    I took a sideshot of my face and easily edited it into an oil-based artwork. Making it look almost as professional as possible. I printed it, framed it and hung it on my wall. It is a ‘masterpiece’.
    It’s been so endearing to those that have seen it. Owing to the fact that everything was made from my Nokia phone. Now everybody wants a picture frame.
    Welcome to my world of photography!

  14. This might not be exactly on point, but in my case it’s not so much about what I can do with my phone as much as it it about what it has done for me. My Nokia E63 is my first and current smartphone (I upgraded from a Nokia 1200 flashlight), and within a few months of acquiring this workmachine, I learnt webdesign with no previous coding background, among other things. Now I can build websites and do complicated web-admin and ftp transactions, all from my trusty E63.

    I think nokia’s platform is great, in that it helped me transit from the average joe who didn’t have a clue, to an enlightened power user who’s taking advantage of today’s technology and using it to work smarter and play harder. Nokia rocks! 🙂

  15. Reading through everyone’s submissions has been fun. As a matter of fact, members of the Mobility Nigeria team have been wishing they could join in on the fun. Unfortunately, we cannot participate.

    Still, keep the stories coming in. Nokia sure have a heritage to be proud of.

  16. Dont even know where to start from…but for the 3 different nokia phones have used to turn a microbiology student like Me to a phone geek/ IT Person….hmmm….nokia phones ve done wonders..still thinking..i’ll be back!

  17. I just remembered this from some months ago my mom sent her driver to refill a gas cylinder somewhere in gbagada.she noticed that he used an unusually large amount of fuel anytime she sent him out. She smelt something fishy and asked me to cal him to ask where he was.i realised I had left my phone in the car,I stopped and thought of a better idea- i just tracked the phone with f-secure anti theft and pasted the coordinates at and I found out he was actually in agege
    When he came back he denied going to agege until my mother mentioned the particular street he passed. after that,thanks to nokia he never tried it again. (He believes she has some magical powers.)

  18. Well the three most creative things have done wit my phone…

    1. We were in class that day when my friend got a call to immediately forward his I.T letter to an e.mail address…i had mine stored on my phone..he got into panick mode..his letter is not with him..and he Might lose the chance of gettin the Industrial Attachment training..i told him i had my letter here. All we needed to do his edit it by changing my name and the address and them forwarding the document by attaching it.. We did it right there in class and pronto…5mins after we got a confirmation it was received!

    2.. In my school the registration for semester courses are online..but we need to upload a picture before registration the problem is the pic has to be an average-sized passport yet less than 8kb in size..i snapped wit my nokia c5’s 3.2MP camera and edit by cropping..and changing the sharpness and colouratn till i got to less than 10kb and then completed my registration right on my phone!

    3. In my 4th year in school there were numerous assignments and term papers we were to do and submit..they needed internet was cheaper for me on i had to Find a way Of getting around it..i did most of it right on my phone using operamini 5.1 and the advanced copy and paste in symbian helped..they were saved in .txt format..all i needed to do was transfer to system and do little editing and i was done!

  19. The most creative thing i have done with my phone is upgrade it to a mini computer system. I use a nokia5130. Basically the phone was like any ordinary phone with ordinary functions. But now my phone has been transformed to a mini computer system in the sense that it can now

  20. Truly, being really creative employs getting the right apps to do it right.
    My 2730 keeps me connected and updated just like CNN’s ‘Be the first to know’ (Although i don’t use a smartphone, i’ll definitely outsmart an average user)

    The closest thing to being creative today was syncing my contacts OTA via Ovi Sync to a friends phone. I had dropped my phone at home while hurrying to see him at the hospital and i was supposed to make some important calls. Unfortunately, his phone wouldn’t save the settings. I kept getting memory errors – Only 70 sets allowed or thereabout.

    I remember using Shazam on a friend’s C5 to identify a music track being played over the radio. It was a radio quiz but i couldn’t get through the phone lines.

    Unfortunate me, you’ll think – I could really get fortunate sometimes.

  21. The Most Creative Thing I have Done With My Nokia Phone (Nokia E63).
    As a medical student in the University Of Ilorin in Ilorin,Kwara State, a place where life seems its like in slow motion, its hard to stand up against people who are used to the old ways. I have always been very imaginative but being in a place like this, people tend to discourage creativity.

    Recently i was picked to present a seminar on malabsorption diseases( i dont want to get into the details). Luckily for me it was an individual presentation so there were no hold backs. Immediately different ideas started popping into my head.

    With an active data plan i first looked for videos on youtube using the built in Youtube app. luckily i found one about two minutes long and it was a CGI video(looks real like 3D). I started to outline my presentation using Quickoffice application which was updated to support .pptx files. When i got home i transferred the saved powerpoint to my computer for full hands-on work. I downloaded and inserted the video(it was a video on basics of Digestion processes).

    After completing the powerpoint all that was left was rehearsing it. I thought to myself this was the best time to use an application i had downloaded a long time ago. I searched for the application in my computer and reinstalled the Nokia Wireless Presenter. I had then installed the Desktop client so all was good to go. Finally i was gonna put this baby to use.

    The D-day finally came. Other people made their presentation standing infront of their laptops, staring at the screen and pressing persistently on the arrow keys till they were done. Almost everyone was already bored staring at the projected slides by the time it was my turn. I stepped on the stage with my phone in my hand. I had already connected the phone with the laptop using Nokia Wireless Presenter through bluetooth. I left the podium and moved across to the other side. Everyone looked at me like ‘Aren’t you supposed to be infront of your computer’.

    I started my presentation by just clicking on the 5-way button. There was a look of amazement on everyone’s face. As i continued my presentation everyone started smiling. When i got to the video people just started clapping. I felt so good. I even paused the video while the supervisor took a call on his phone and continued from where i had stopped when he ended his call.

    Everyone was amazed. I could say without any fear of being boastful that my presentation was the highlight of the seminar. The supervisor even asked me for a copy of the slide as well as the video itself. For my work i got a B-plus (which is very hard to come by in med. school here)

    Looking back now i realise that everything that sparkled the audience – researching the topics, finding the video, remote controlling the slides from across the room- was all made possible with my Nokia E63. Well what can i say? In the hands of a creative and imaginative mind, one can really do lots of cool things with a Nokia Phone.

  22. My Nokia 1600 may not be the smartest phone around or an S40 for that matter but it is my current number one phone.

    It does not have an office suit or a notes app so I use the messages draft folder, sent messages folder to store my passwords, various types of account number, list of my favorite web site addresses and short notes in text messages within these folders. I also use the contact list to store information like my hospital card number.

    The phone has replaced my watch, my giant Casio calculator in some situations and my portable alarm clock (which i stopped using when i bought the phone during my university days; this enabled me to save money on batteries and keep up with my study schedule).

    The phone does not have an accessible dictionary so i use the predictive text input to sometimes check spellings i am not sure of.

    Using the converter application i was able to create conversions for acceleration (m/sec2 to ft/sec2), density (kg/m3 to kg/liter), flow rate (liter/sec to ft3/sec), pressure (Pascal to atmosphere), Torque (N-m to Hp/rpm). I studied mechanical eng so having to convert between units that are not available on my calculator is a useful feature.

    For courses that required speed where by limited time is given during exams and test, i use the countdown app to improve my speed when solving past questions papers. For example one of my statistical exams required all students to complete 4 questions in 1h, that’s 15 min per question (for an average student those questions would require 25min to complete) thanks to my training i was able to complete each question within 15 min.

    This may not sound creative to some but I use the game rapid roll to relieve stress and anxiety before exams by keeping my mind focused on the game and not worrying about irrelevant things.

  23. I’ve been using my Nokia N8 for almost 2 months now, and I learn something new with it almost every other day.

    Last week, a colleague in workplace came crying to me. She had plugged her Nokia C5 phone into her [unknowingly virus-ridden] computer to transfer hundreds of her photos into the computer, and the phone had stopped responding. When she switched it back on, the computer would not recognize her memory card, and her phone showed her memory card as Empty. She thought all her photos had been deleted and wanted me to try and recover them.

    I removed the memory card and placed in my laptop for scanning with Microsoft Security Essentials. After it had deleted all the viruses, Windows Explorer still could not view those missing files, even though it was showing that the memory card was almost full. I tried using Recuva [a very useful program for recovering lost/deleted files on Windows], but the files were still unrecoverable.

    Then I placed the memory card into my Nokia N8 and went straight to X-Plore 1.51. It recognized the memory card, displayed all those hidden files and folders, and showed some files with suspicious names, which I deduced were the viruses causing the problem.

    I was able to delete those suspicious files, and change the Hidden & Lock attributes of the required files and folders. When I plugged the memory card back to her Nokia C5, all her pictures, videos and music files were restored.

    I had to use a wet handkerchief to wipe the smears of lipstick of my face after all the kisses of gratitude.

  24. @spacyzuma
    You are the man.

    It reminds me of how Nokia N8 was used to recover memory cards that had issue because they were used on Samsung focus WP7 device.

  25. This might not be the most creative thing but it certainly saved me a lot of sweat.

    I wanted to change my Nokia E66 to a latest device, so I needed to dispose of the it first so as to encourage me to get a new one (I was so attached to the fone). I got someone to buy it at a give away price but had probs transferring my contacts that was close to a 1000 another fone I was managing at the time. I could have easily backed up the content on to a system but couldn’t find my data cable.

    At first, I transfered my pix and music files and some documents to my memory card but couldn’t transfer my contacts. After trying to copy manually for sometime, I remembered I could easily sync with another Nokia phone. I was so excited. Within mins I had all my contacts, birthday reminders, note e.t.c in my hubby’s Nokia 5300. Wow! What a relief!

  26. I use a nokia N900 maemo phone. No, lemme rephrase – I use a Nokia N900 minicomputer. ever since i got this phone, i have virtually retired my computer.
    I have on one occasion, while on my office wlan, used one of the remote desktop applications on my phone to manage my server.
    I have on another occassion been able to stream videos from my laptop over WLAN on my n900.
    I manage a blogsite and with the aid of my N900, i no longer need to log on to the blogsite directly as i can manage my blogs directly with the MaStory application.
    I have navigated my way around a traffic jam at Apple junction, mile2 with the aid of my Maps.
    Not to mention that as a keyboard junkie, i have almost transfered major operations like directory management, updates, application mgmt, network monitoring, system files edit and so on to my command line xterminal. Yes! :d
    The most creative thing i have ever done with my nokia phone, however, is to monitor a girl’s (don’t ask me which girl) menstrual period with the aid of MaePad. 😉
    What more can i say? I love my phone.

  27. The combination of my nokia 6760 and my laptop enables me to convert text written in various formats to MS word document format to be read in my phone. Today, I don’t carry my handouts about, rather they’re stucked in my nokia 6760.My papers are in my phone and are read directly from my phone.

  28. My mobile phone is an ordinary nokia 3110c (s40). But i do unbelievable things, bigger expensive phones do.
    1. Am able to chat with my friends on facebook, gtalk,msn, yahoo e’t.c, using these applications- ebuddy and nimbuzz, my friends think i use a black berry, or a more sophisticated phones. And i agree.
    2. Am also able to browse free, with my nokia 3110c, using prove file, i made the prove from, downloaded, and extracted the file, sent it to my nokia 3110c via bluetooth. It comes as settings which i saved. I access my email, browse every website for free.
    3. I needed not to purchase a modem to browse on my laptop. I bought etisalat 100 mb. I used my 3110c with the help of nokia pc suite through the usb of my phone. It was amazing.

  29. The most creative thing I ever done with my phone was editing and completing two chapters of my project on my nokia E71.

    I had recently had to travel to afikpo in ebony state for my final year geology field school, and prior to the trip we were warned not to bring along anything of importance that could not be fitted into our pockets which effectively ruled out bringing a laptop to the camp. This trip happened just after our final exams and during the period of rounding up of our projects for submission and vetting.
    Whilst I was in the camp, I got a call from my supervisor telling me royce ready certain chapters of my project for review, unfortunately for me I was behind schedule but i had my project in my phone as my phone served as a backup to my hard drive and flash drive for keeping important documents. Without my computer with me I was able to edit my project using the Quickoffice application and also capture pictures of certain geologic formations to append in my project.

    My Nokia E71 also came in handy during my independent field mapping using the Ovi map application supplemented by Garmin mobile xT I was able to accurate map the area using my Nokia E71 as a GPS device, which help to accurate pinpoint the location of outcrops on the map and create a geologic map from it.

  30. My e71-i used to register my courses with opera mini on my E71,I use joikuspot to turn my E71 to a wireless access point! I even watched compressed movies on the E71 via DIVX

  31. Well, ever since have differents nokia phones, i do enjoy all my calls mostly, with the help of the nokia stronge battery that have never disappoint me when using my phone. Also, presently, am using nokia 3500c and i use it in downloading and search for informations on sports, education, news, e.t.c. or in solving my assignments, given to me at school.

  32. Using a nokia 1202 wld sound like just a nOrmal experience, but a student, during exam periods, ????† has turned out t???? be an able sidekick. In times of power failure when I have t???? read for tests, exams or I have an assignment t???? turn in The next morning, ???????????? trusty nokia 1202 transforms t???? a lightweight but powerful light source. All I have t???? do is t???? strap ????† with the aid of a rubberband t???? ???????????? head And combined with its excellent battEry life, I can use the torchlight all night. Isn’t that cool!!!!!!!

  33. My own is simple. The most creative thing I have ever done with my nokia 2600c is use it to send over 460 messages, all free of charge. Dont ask me how I did, and still do, that!

  34. No need of long typin
    g, the most ever creative things i does with my nokia is
    1, taking photo
    2, read mails
    3, browsing the net
    4, watching dstv
    5, navigating maps
    6, cool softwares intalled on my nokia.

  35. my mom had to fix her glasses and during the period she was without them, she had to squint just to read a newspaper. I opened my 5230 camera and put it on full zoom. With this she could easily read very tiny text just by hovering the phone above the paper it was a digital magnifying glass.

  36. This promo ended on Friday 6th of May, but you can keep posting stories of awesome things that you have done with your Nokia devices over the years.

    Thanks to all who participated. The winner has been announced here.


  38. The most creative thing i have ever done with my nokia phone is to check my result for which i will normally have needed a computer

  39. I use n95 and my nokia phone has been more helping to me like serving as a mini computer,awesome gps for location,3G enables me in video call. u need to experience it,its amazing,the phone help me to access the web using different broswers ,with some softwares in it you can create your own personal theme ,music ,video and even edit app to form its was your own created .it has good reminder and calender,the camera are very clear and even eciting when take at night using flash light ,it has adolbe flash which enable you to watch video online,it has pdf use for pdf files like some text book in pdf format.well thats all for now

  40. With my NOKIA E5-00, I can download as much applications as I want. And I can have up to 76 applications running at the same time without the phone hanging.

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