Get back your stolen phone with Phone Finder for Blackberry 10

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After residing in the Beta Zone for sometime, Phone Finder has found it’s way to Blackberry App World. Even though most Blackberry users already have Blackberry Protect pre-installed, Phone Finder comes as an extra backup method for retrieving your stolen phone.

Phone finder

Phone Finder works with SMS or Email, with which you can locate your lost phone. It will reveal extra details like battery status, SD Card, cellular information, and a direct URL to locate your phone in a map with directions. The app has a fast, fluid, friendly UI, Battery Efficient, and does not require Internet Connection for most of it’s operations. It will only cost you a one time payment (with FREE Updates forever) of $4.99.

Download Phone Finder for Blackberry 10 HERE


  1. Very few people(like Passport owners)may subscribe to this in this part of the world due to the fee involved.Afterall BB protect is there already for users.

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