You could get banned for using WhatsApp Plus, here’s why

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WhatsApp Plus is a popular third party app that bears all the features of the traditional Whatsapp application and a lot more. This one has a cleaner design, hundreds of themes, lots of tweakability and a host of other functionality. WhatsApp Plus still makes use of WhatsApp’s servers, hence it breaches their ToS. WhatsApp Plus is an unofficial app therefore WhatsApp is frowning at its users, and temporarily banning them for a period of 24 hours.


Users have reported that the ban gets activated starting 12am, also uninstalling WhatsApp Plus and installing WhatsApp won’t lift the ban. Getting banned for 24 hours can be a big deal for people heavily dependent on WhatsApp. Do you use WhatsApp Plus? Have you received a ban yet? Do let us know.


  1. It happened to me o. I was among the 1st set of users to be banned. My exile expired last night

  2. i got banned for 72hrs for instaling whatsapp plus
    on my tecno p5 and now i dont know do
    what can i do to reinstal it

  3. 1: Uninstal whatsapp plus completely. Then,
    2: Install whatsapp
    3: Wait for the 72 hrs to elapse.

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