Advertisement If you use 3G on your smartphone or tablet on a regular basis, chances are that you wish for better battery life. Did you know that…

Get Better Battery Life By Using WiFi Instead Of 3G



If you use 3G on your smartphone or tablet on a regular basis, chances are that you wish for better battery life. Did you know that using Wi-fi for internet connectivity instead of the built-in 3G radio on your device is less drain on the battery?

Yes; if you turn off 3G data on your device and connect via Wi-Fi, you will get better battery times.


What You can Do

You can peg your smartphone on 2G and use GPRS/EDGE for mobile data, then connect to a WiFi hotspot wherever available – at home, on the road and at work. You can also get a personal hotspot that you can carry about.

To have your own personal hotspot, you can purchase a Mifi device. A Mifi device requires a SIM card with an active data plan and shares this with multiple devices via WiFi. Many Mifi devices in the market are able to share with a maximum of five (5) devices.


Etisalat Mifi

This way, you do not need separate mobile internet subscriptions for each of your devices, and you also get extended battery performance on them.

I am aware that many mobile platforms allow you to turn off mobile data. This includes: iOS, Android and Nokia Belle. If you have access to a WiFi hotspot, simply turn off mobile data. If your device also lets you choose, fix it to only GSM.


A downside of this is that Mifi devices generally have a battery life of four (4) hours if five devices are connected all through.

Hopefully, we will begin to see a greater proliferation of hotspots in our cities, especially at eateries, fast-food outlets and recreation spots.

Do you have access to a Wifi hotpot at home, at work, or at your favourite hangout? Do you use a Mifi device? Do share in the comments section below.

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  1. I used to use that hotspot stuff but the problem is that your next door neighbour can also tap in. Its not like you can password it.
    Nice post

  2. am really intrested in this wifi of a thing. I hav heard much abt it bt kno little or nothing abt it. I will be happy if any body can give me a lecture on it. Is it faster than 3G? @Mister Mobility :how much does this mifi device cost? Can one pockets it around? And finally, I live in a remote area where gprs is 3G and Edge is considered 3.7G or LTE. if I have that mifi device, will it work with the gprs? I need something to solve this problem of network problem in my area cnc I cant leave my job bcos of lack of fast network. Thanks

  3. Andy, I’ve got a mifi too. Mine is an Unlocked Verizon mifi. It works with all gsm networks.

    It can be set up by connecting it with my PC. If I set it to automatic, I can switch it of and on anytime. Each time I switch it on, the connection is up an working.

    You can also password it. I passworded mine. Only those I allow can use it.

    I got it for N17,000.

  4. If you already have a 3G USB modem and mobility is not so important to you or you can afford to move around with your laptop (assuming you have one equipped with WiFi), then get connectify for Windows. It can share any type of internet connection you have on your system through WiFi to other devices. It is a kind of software router.

  5. We have wifi all around in my school. Tickets are bought at 100 niara an hour for unlimited downloads. Maybe cheap but the network is annoyingly slow. A good edge is even better.

  6. The title of this post is misleading. Its actually a lecture on the benefits of MIFI. And not a comparison between WIFI and 3G which are not directly related technologies or replacements for each other.

  7. Good,

    I used to use that hotspot stuff but the problem is that your next door neighbour can also tap in. Its not like you can password it.

    Yes; you can password protect your hotspot. Mine is password protected.

  8. There are wireless routers such as (Sitecom Wireless Mobile Router) which you can connect a USB modem to and it becomes a WiFi hotspot which you can switch on and off at will. It has password protection.

  9. Please @mister mobility where can i get a mifi that works with all networks been luking for that i stay ph any address or directions and the mtn mifi sucks

  10. Micheal,

    If you want the mifi, you can order for it from Lagos here and they would send it to you. Send me a mail business (at) mobility (dot) com (dot) ng

  11. there is wifi around in my office, sometimes its slow but good enough for downloading apps for my phone and to carry out some updates and other online activities. Connectify is a good windows router if affordability of mifi is a challenge. Good post mr mobility.

  12. 3G is always off on my phone.

    I have Wifi in the Office (Main1@10mbps) and at home (Swift2mbps).

    Love Wifi, it helps me to save not just power, it also saves Money.

  13. mifi devices are great. I’ll recommend the Huawei Huawei E5730s-2, with 5200mAh non-removable battery, support for up to 11 devices, ability to act as powerbank, a RJ45 port and lasting for up to 16hours ( fair usage applies).

    All devices can stay connected.

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