Get Discount Flight Tickets On The Turkish Airlines Mobile App

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For a limited period, you can pick up discount flight tickets when you use the new Turkish Airlines mobile app for your air travel bookings.

Turkish airlines mobile app discount flight tickets

All you have to do to get a 15% discount on all the airline’s domestic and international flights is to download the latest version of the airline’s mobile app and book your flights with it.

The redesigned mobile app allows users to purchase their tickets, and use their device’s camera to scan their credit card details to be used at checkout, among other features. The new Turkish Airlines app also remembers the users’ selections and likes from their previous flights and uses this information to offer suggestions unique to them.

Furthermore, using the app also offers a more comprehensive Miles&Smiles experience for the passengers as using Miles to buy award tickets, purchasing additional Miles, and transferring Miles to other members.

This 15% discount offer is valid only from 18-20 January, 2018.

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