Get notified when people read your emails with Sidekick

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Take your productivity to a higher level, get desktop notifications when recipients read your email. Sidekick is a Chrome extension that supercharges your email inbox and makes your life easier.


These are other nifty features Sidekick brings to the table:

  • Looking up someone’s job title, company, and social profiles for your contacts so you don’t have to.
  • Never again ask “did you get my email”? Sidekick gives you peace of mind that they saw your message.
  • Schedule emails to be sent when you want them delivered, even if you’re not at your computer

You’ll always be in the know with Sidekick at your side.

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  1. You’ll always be in the know with Sidekick at your side.

    You really are starting to sound like a marketer, Sir Elroy.

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